Got a phone call from Rick, a CRf 250 riding loose screw attending pal who had a plan of riding from here to Vidette (mine, lake, falls).. Each direction on its own FSR's and as little paved as possible and. being the first opportunity to moto ride with my mTb buddies made the choice to attend easy..
With a fashionably late start and a broad spectrum of bikes we headed off in the direction of Tranquille Valley, Red Lk. criss creek, deadmans, and then,, to the center of the universe .

our organizer, Rick.

fellow bicycle riders and bike riders, fore Steve, aft Dave .
(there's no picture blurr, the GS800 really just has bald tires)

Hey Bugsinteeth check out Kelly's collector plated XT 500! 1970 if I remember

along tranquille rd.
(lookit the crazy pipe on the 500, huge and must weigh a ton )

at the red lk criss cr intersection.

a little orange to brighten your day.

this horse was clearly digging Dave's mittens.

whipped out and fired in a sec., my panasonic caught Dave using his legs, not back,, after his Dr 650 took a dirt nap all by itself.

We were stymied finding the route thru from criss cr to deadmans so we opted for plan B down towards Savona below Red lk. hoping then to drop back down to Deadmans in about the intended location just a longer route.
With Greenstone Mt. off in the not nearly as overcast and hazy as it looks distance this pic. serves to show where my Panasonic really sucks.

The Hoodoos along Deadmans Rd. and our turn around point today as were well short of enough time to loop back to the Loops across the top.

Well that's it.. We picked up some more dirt on the way home between Savona and Tobiano before slabbing it back home. Thanks Rick for the call it was good to ride with you guys,, next time we'll start earlier and giter dun as planned. But only after Steve buys new tires.

thx fer lookin.