Hey sorry for the delay but I'm retired which is to say, busy.. How there was ever time for work stumps me. With two Nubie rides and some 13k on the odometer since Mar 3 its easy to see where that time went., The 37 years of work are a long past.

The last post made mention of a wee incident along the road to Bola. What didn't get added was that the bike would end up off plane again before the day was over.. This time it was 3/4 thru a simple u-turn on the gravel rd while looking for Ged out near Gringo beach, with cold wet curled fingers and toes and a bit of a seized up body I knew the bike was going down . Not enuf throttle not enuf gas too slow on the balance, aw crap.
Turned out he and and two others were warm and dry and stuffing their faces at Victorias.

The morning after yesterdays paved ride from Chapala to Bola in hard rain. The well traveled pannier slathered with super slippery and tenacious as anything Baja Mud.
Which I'm guessing is the base to adobe as there's a reasonable amount still stuck there today.

after a 5 day stay and a diet consisting mostly of fantastic shrimp fish and asada tacos it was time to get mobile.. The destination today is Cielito Lindo where I will meet up with Kamloops pal Ged.. He's truck and bike traveling his way home towards Kamloops (after months in Bahia Asuncion house rental) checking out spots along the way with a few days here and there..
The ride on Hwy. 1 is all paved right across from the sea of cortez the the pacific.. "Never pass gas" is the rule in Baja and on this ride the first gas is in Punta Prieta.. After being topped up out of a bucket filled from a can which was siphoned from a barrel standing in the bed of a rat bag Toyota pick-up with a passenger seat area that looked like more of a couch prepped for years of sitting around on the side of the road selling Gasolina. Nice to see him glad he's there. Hola! (after years of filling from the multiple can cascade method and never even hearing of anyone having fuel issues,, it would seem that the system itself is the fuel filter as each container allows pacticulate to fall out reducing the crud making it to the juice jug, or in this case bucket.. either that or the triple distilled method of delivery is just easier...)
Passing thru Catavina and its massive rock gardens I searched the side of the road looking for the street person we have named "got a peso" who has been there asking for "a peso" for years.. He appears to be gone, perhaps he's off in Hawaii with Marilyn Monroe in his corvette and with his pal burt reynolds (i think it was), but these were just stories he's told us as,, or were they??
Following the twisty road across to the coast on the big 990 was a treat. As the road follows the contours up down and around the mountains running the spine of the Baja... With the bad weather a so yesterday thing it made for a stellar ride all the way to fish tacos in El Rosario... After fueling again hwy 1 aims north along the coast towards San Quitin at times with beautiful views of the rolling Pacific... Arrived at the sandy jut out of land named Cielito Lindo in plenty of time to order a couple of 2-1 hora feliz margaritas, which arrived just as preferred. on the rocks...
Ged is holed up at a Hotel built for the Hollywood stars from the 60's (50's?) who abandoned it when the hwy pushed farther south, and hasn't seen paint since... Perfect for a home base to do some exploring of the area on his eXc 450.

The dusty little town just to the south of Cielito Lindo where the welcoming committee was out.


a group of the boys just hanging out. Sup!

Ged played guide for a day as we went out plunking around the area. As has been for most of this trip there was more color in the hills.

Last pic. of the day shot in the evening at our, in need of lots of work, former Hotel to the stars..
the pic was perhaps shot not long before discovering the origins to that cheesy T-shirt available throughout Mexico at tourists spots... You've seen the one, "1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor!" which in this case was the bush/shrub directly in front of the 990. That's gonna leave a mark).
Note to self, happy hour margaritas can be MUY FORTE!

that's today's post. more on a more regular basis til done and am on to the next adventure... (Tuk) Next post across to Valle De Trinidad and back to Felipe.

thx fer lookin.