After a coupla days of Cielito Lindo I said hasta luego to Ged and departed with a wee headache and a pretty good sunburn on my cabeza. . After a short ride north on mex. 1 I turned east towards the near 10 thou. ft San Pedro Martir mountain. . The camera stayed in its pouch for the trip and I was bummed that the last reach of the road was gated shut so no going to the observatory placed there. . You can however clear over 8000ft which is snow country in Baja. . The road up was in good shape and a lot of fun to ride with terrific views along the way.

After the return to mex 1 the route continued north until crossing inland to the east on the rutas offroad towards Valle de Trinidad. . While mostly easily ridden the track did have the usual washout and missing bits with terrific scenery all the way. .

Waking up to a ton of noise really early i was surprised to see a full on parade in progress in the dirt road town on a schoolday thursday no less. . Fresh hot Tamales for breaky #1 was an absolute treat with most of the town in attendance and many selling their most delicious foods.

Settled into San Felipe for a very lazy few days of no pictures before heading north again here at the massive Pemex along hwy 20 headed for Rumarosa and Tecate to the border crossing.

a description of the aquaduct that follows the incredibly fun and scenic climb out of the valley floor. . Some big numbers there, an elevation gain of over a thousand meters, distance 125 km and capacity of 1,333 a second! The supply is the Colorado river and it feeds the towns of Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada.

the twisty climb to the Rumarosa plateau is a gas and has some stellar views.

Arriving to a very long and unappealing line of traffic at what was expected to be a little sleepy border crossing. . I was repeatedly waved on by people patiently waiting, it seems Motos get a libre (free) run thru to the front of the line. . In reserved Canadian style I lined up and waited with the rest. . Waited until a grizzled old guy in a Harley decaled truck swerved over from his oncoming lane and in a quite animated fashion got the point across that I was being plumb loco to stay at the back. . Canadian yes, Loco, I don't thimk so. . Not a raised eyebrow in the mile of folks waiting to get into the land of Cheeseburgers and Budweiser. . Riding at times on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of a barrier in the wrong direction was naturally at least to me, kind of fun. . This is after all an adventure isn't it. . Doors closed people waved oncoming cars yielded and best of all the vendors/street people/beggars that have a captive audience, didn't even attempt to approach lest they slow my forward progress, awesome. .
With a deadline to be in Death Valley for an ADV nubie ride in about a week I made miles aiming for the Borrego Springs area, again this time hoping for no hurricanes. This pic. is taken along the scenic twisty Sunrise hwy. over the Mt Laguna mountain pass that needs to be crossed to be able to drop into the Anza Borrego valley floor which would be the valley tailing off to the center right.

Looking towards the Borrego area thru the smog of the San Bernadino basin. . There may not be B.C. style mountains here but there is some amazing vistas and valleys with views that go on forever.

back at the state park above borrego springs a coupla hours after the last pic. was taken. . No Wind and not a chance of rain, nice.

with no strings attached this nights camp was starry and quiet.

the beginning of what will be a very large Yucca flower.

do not go near the Cholla!
AKA Jumping Cactus.

the view from here.

Last of the day. The Pirelli rear has been bought paid for and done, the 990 is now aimed for Barstow where there will hopefully be a new tire. . Which will lead to some, ug! backtracking and the chance to ride some more route 66 and the crazy attractions along the way.

next segment is over several days along the backroads headed towards Panamint springs in Death Valley.

thx fer looking.