With an at home date of, the joke of a day, April 1 I left the gravel pit of a resort behind knowing I'll likely be back. Though tempted to stop at the Jet fighter viewpoint for a few hours that will have to wait.
The must closer view of the mtns. from two days previous not a bad view to start the day.

not your usual contrails left in the sky. Perhaps really big bombers out on a training run.

not sure what has been removed from the flats, salt perhaps, or other mineral.

the White Buffalo trading post.

Just because there's as schedule doesn't mean it'll be an "interstate hwy. I- 5 bee line gitter dun" ride, there are plenty of twisty roads between Death Valley and home.

the view from here.

Morning ice on this pond near Winnemucca where I holed up in a Motel for the night as it was going to get very cold overnight.

In the area near John Day.

This over the shoulder shot only serves to show the snow covered hill that was jjjust rridden ovvver..

and then it all changes into the prairies of Oregon and Washington state.

took several shots of this sky full of geese/swans? none do it justice as it appeared they were everywhere in the thousands.

poker straight pancake flat pole lined and still very beautiful.

In the Soap lake area.

thought the road was wet, this storm had passed by not long before I arrived, thank you very much for moving along.

End of day was the very nice campsite minutes from Coulee Dam, here in the morning before the last pull before arriving in Kamloops.

along the road between Conconully and Loomis before the Nighthawk border crossing.
(Where you should not ever try and cross with a stick brought home from the New Mexico desert while out on a hike).

must be getting close to home there's smoke in the sky.

one month two tires and 10000 km later, I can now clean the bugs off! The trip was started under sunny skies and with the exception of a crazy day of rain in California most every other day was simply stellar. The desert regions of the states in the south western states are filled with highly explorable roads and sights that a person could in years never see the end of. Well set up state parks for camping and offer a good senior rate and at a 30% cut to our dollar that's a freebee I'll take. In the case of the likes of New Mexico there are ancient ruins easily worthy of a trip themselves.
Thanks for following this 30 ish day test ride of my new 990 which, after the install of that awesome MotoZ GPS rear tire is a stellar beast of a bike.

Last pic. for this post and report. Just a reminder of how this trip with a mission of avoiding a hopefully last month of winter started out. And yes the Baja mud slathered on the pannier persists to this day.

thanks for following. Wayne.