took a little ride to summerland along pennask lk rd, to under the Coq. then sunset main, headwaters and peachland fsr then the next day headed back to the Loops. Very pretty country all along and especially douglas lake. A few quick pics. before turning in for the night with an early start off on a quest for Tuktoyuktuk!
following the existing power lines lead to the new really large whiz bang windmills.

thars critters in them thar hills.

I stopped to say hello, didnt really expect the stampede to come over and see me..

super helpful helping me unpack right there on the road. thx boys.

super cool looking horse w grey mottled body and a brown face very unusual.


a wee little dust devil.

douglas lake reserve lands.

last shot from Douglas lake looking down the lake towards the home ranch and towards rain.

thx fer lookin.

next posts will hopefully from regions well north of here. In fact as far as you can possibly go north in Canada by road. And only then since November 2017.