This ride is tailor made for the "bald as" blog as the trip is best started with bald rear tires with just enough life to make it the 3300 odd kms to Dawson city where new tread can be had for the worst roads. And 1 tire cant make the whole trip.
The ride started at 7am on the 4th with Mark and myself having a days end destination of Hazelton a mere thousand kms away. (1040)
16 hours and 400+k of gravel later we holed up at the Robbers Roost motel where riders are given a cold beer to cap off a great long days ride.
day 2 was Hazelton to dease lake Inc. a trip to telegraph creek and back. 11 hour day something over 800k.
Day 3 was epic! 12hrs 575 ish kms. dease lk to Tungsten NWT where after setting camp we toasted to our accomplishment while standing in the pouring rain well after midnight. Simply stunning scenery along the Cantung rd. perhaps exceeding the views of the north canol and here you ride right through the ranges and along the serpentine valley floor. spectacular. and not a vehicle in sight . the trip required a range just short of 800k. requiring my 990 to carry 32 extra litres of go juice for itself.
day 4 tungsten to carmacks 10 hrs 600 kms.
day 5 Carmack to dawson where we've joined up w stu floyd and russ.
off forthe dempster in the morning with everyone having new rear tires withthe exception of floyd who several days ago replaced his tire when the cords started showing thru.