The pic. above is pret near the first of the year at Jan 13th. Taken not many days after the
new (to moi) 2011 ktm 990 arrived in the garage.
And with that 990, 6 rear tires will become "bald as" over the course of 35+ thou. kms. in the year that was, 2019..
There's a ton of pics this year from Mexico, Death Valley, The Canol rds, Tungsten, Tuk, and many more trips. It was a great year of riding and travelled many miles with some terrific buddies! To skinny down this thread but maintain a high picture count there will be lots of multi picture stitched panoramas kind of like bulk packaging..

That said. A riding year in review.

like all bikes that arrive in the garage, they must be taken apart and prepped for adventure.

while spending Jan and Feb. ripping the 990 apart and reassembling. a near disaster took place. On a thursday night run home from the pub I stomped on the stub of a broken off political sign fortunately it, after penetrating my shoe ran right between my toes and out the top of the runner. Very close call. would've made for a lousy start to the riding year.
that was on Feb. 8.

fone feb 8.jpg
On Mar. 3 with a forecast high temp of +2 the new and improved (and untested!) 990 was rolled out, loaded and pointed south. The first tire to become" bald as" is a Pirelli Scorpion the stock tire for the bike. And with bulletproof 2020 hindsight can say was the wrong tire for this trip. Doh!

coupla days later and it was warm still sunny with clear skies ahead..
ive heard of skinny legs, but skinny houses?

the spectacular Oregon coastline.

After a ridiculous day of rain crossing California thi9ngs improved dropping down to desert level headed towards Twenty nine palms Funky spot with noone around.

2019 was a banner year for desert flowers and here in the area of Borrego Springs the flowers share their space with car loads of Looky Loos.

yellow flowers equals yellow bugs.

When in Borrego Springs you have to check out the sculpures scattered all over the desert floor. veyr cool.

Camp tonight will be at near the top of the background mtn. following that angled road up. (which you have to zoom in to see)

Six day later at the

camp kindly pointed out by one Eagle Guy.

While clearly a nice guy, apparently he has no pull in the area as the weather was atrocious. Crazy strong gusts and rain blown in from the other side of the mtn. All the rocks piled on my tent "tags" (flat wide nylon straps) arent for show. And the 990 steady as she is, is tied to the tree. There will be no floppin-onto my head during the night.

Thats it for the day, whew. Amost a whole week done, only 51 more to go. Next update will be in an out of Baja and on to the lowest point in the US and no that does not include Trump.

thx fer lookin.