Time to get this post underway. It is launch day for the BC guys bound for Moab Ut. Hoping to get the guys to take pictures of their ride down, pictures of happy faces in the rain, sleeping in trucks, gas stops with groggy looks from traveling all night and finally the happy faces when they finally arrive here in Moab, where it is sunny and warm. This trip is similar to previous trips where the group will be staying at the Moab Retreat House for the week.

As you can see by the picture the Moab Retreat House is a large Duplex. the iwannaridemoab guys only rent one half at about 400 usd per night plus some other additional fees (2019). When spread across 9-10 riders the price is pretty affordable and beats sleeping in a tent any day. The house includes 2 Kitchens (one for Breakfast and Dinners and the other for Lunch Preparations) Lots of beds, 4 bathrooms (important for some of the older riders) 2 Living rooms, big garage, Laundry, BBQ, Lots of Parking.WiFi You get the point there is a lot of value here.

Note photos are stolen from the Moab Retreat House Gallery without permission

Moab Retreat House by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

Kitchen, where all the important stuff happens

DSC_2450_070 by Sharon Richardson, on Flickr

Living Room with bed in the wall

DSC_2464_084 by Sharon Richardson, on Flickr

This is the bedroom the organiser gets (I am not him) he even gets his own bathroom. It should be noted that the organiser usually shares this room with someone

DSC_2475_095 by Sharon Richardson, on Flickr

Of course to fit 10 people into this house there is bound to be some more basic accommodation, Don't you remember how you always wanted to stay in the top bunk? well now you can. These are usually reserved for the newer attendees or the late payers.

DSC_2495_115 by Sharon Richardson, on Flickr

Basement Kitchen (Lunch Preparation Area) and Living area.

DSC_2515_131 by Sharon Richardson, on Flickr

Lots of parking

DSC_3164_798 by Sharon Richardson, on Flickr