This year I am not actually participating with the DSBC group from the North as I have been traveling in Baja and will be meeting the group here. I am also glamping at the Sand Flats Recreation Area in my Motorhome. So I will not be participating in some of the extracurricular activities at the Moab Retreat House, but instead I will ride down from my campsite (about 8 miles away) to the Moab Retreat House and meeting up with the group in the mornings.

For this trip I will be camping at the Sand Flats Recreation area campsite

I will be using the What3Words online addressing app to show any locations, just click on the link

I arrived a few days earlier than the main group and finally got the bike off the MH and went riding yesterday. Decided on a simple route about 75 kms, East out of the park on Sand Flats Road, to Lasal Loop Road to Ken's Lake and back on Spanish Valley Road.

Did not think this route would take me into the snow but here I am. And its cold too.

DSC00007 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

This is a good road for any DS bike, It looks like the snow has just cleared as there are no tracks visible and the surface is soft, scenery is spectacular as expected.

DSC00008 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

yup a trail with snow on it, and you know I just cant resist. Could not go very far.

DSC00009 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

the road eventually turned to pavement, who paves roads up in the mountains? there is nobody here? Anyhow if your going to have paved roads these are the type I like
10 and 15 mph curves, rough surface and lots of sand and gravel spread about to keep you honest.

DSC00010 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

A wrong turn down a sandy road to nowhere

DSC00011 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr