I decided to put the hammer to the metal and get to the USA a couple of days early, The Husqvarna will not start and I dont have the tools to fix here on the road, and I am going to need this bike in Moab in a couple of weeks. On a long shot I arranged to bring the bike into the Husqvarna dealer in Escondido California this coming Saturday. Forza Ducati and Husqvarna.

Yes they are a scooter dealer too, but they did say they would look at the bike asap

4 hours later and 125.00 USD the had the ol Husky running again. They found corroded fuses and the injector plugged. Runs like a top again. Thanks Moto Forza for helping out a desperate traveler.

I did not expect to get the bike back so fast so now we are a week early into the US. So its off to Fat Ivor's Rib Rack for all you can eat beef ribs

I did not take any pictures here, so here is a stock photo.