Now that I have ran the bike for a couple of months now and been pretty hard at it. The Engine is tight, burns no oil and starts without hesitation. Runs smooth at all speeds. some of the platics are getting a little long in the tooth. The back tire sucks but I might be able to wear it out before the end of the year.
  • Electrical, for those of you that dont know the old Huskies have a interesting 12VDC combined with 12VAC its simple and it works well for what it was designed for. However I need much more DC power so I intend to convert the electrical system to completely DC. I dont need a lot of power because most of the stuff I am putting on is low power consumption.
  • Head Light, these European bikes are well know for their heads being little more than mood lighting, so new LED are in order
  • New Fairing, the headlight pod sucks big time, nothing can be done to improve it by much, so its off to Britannia Composites for a new Lynx R fairing

Some of you might be saying to yourself that adding all this stuff will add a bunch of weight to the bike. I have all the stuff here and thought I should weigh it all out for the record

Total weight of new Faring including wire mounting hardware etc. 4 lbs 6 oz
Minus total weight of removed lighting and Ram Mounts 2 lbs 2 oz

Total net gain will be 2 lbs 4 oz.

/Print by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr


New Dash will have lots of room for Route Book, GPS, Speedo and electrical stuff Sample photo stolen from Britannia Composites

6-1200[1] by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

Instead of all these Ram Mounts with no way to power it all

Untitled by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

Here is all the stuff I have to start mounting soon

DSCN4506 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

DSCN4507 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

DSCN4508 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

DSCN4510 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

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