Had some time this morning to try and see how the Lynx R Faring fits. I was warned and knew ahead of time that this TE450 was different than most, because if its huge 52mm Marzocchi Forks. So be prepared for this picture.

Nothing a big hammer cant fix (or break)

DSCN4520 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

The hammer approach, it works sometimes, just not this time

I just had to tweek these two brackets enough not to stress the dash section of the fairing, so l thought this is nothing that a couple of hits with a big hammer should solve?
Contacted Ian at Britannia Composites and he is going to send some new brackets and more spacers, he also reminded me if I had to hit it with a hammer I probably was doing something wrong????

Anyhow only some small EZ modifications and the Lynx R is fitted (except for one bracket). Even with missing one mounting bracket the Lynx R is super stable and I would ride with it as is if I had to

Husky 450 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

DSCN4515 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

Just fitting the GPS and Phone, will have to make sure the brake line does not have an opportunity to grab either of these

DSCN4518 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

Lower Mounting Point, uses the supplied Husky bracket (no hammering required)

DSCN4514 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

DSCN4513 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

Here you will notice that I have bundled the wires out of the way. This was a bigger job than expected as the bike did not come with the stock speedometer, yet for some reason it had some 22 wires up here behind the headlight. Now that I have the Voyager GPS there still will be around 12 wires but that is a manageable number. At least its all clean and out of the way now

DSCN4512 by Tom Timmerman, on Flickr

Just the dash wiring Still have to modify to DC from AC lighting