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The 2017 Routledge Run Poster

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  • The 2017 Routledge Run Poster
    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC

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    Here's a map of the 2017 Routledge Run Adventure Route. It's about 470 km and about 2/3 of that are off-pavement. This is a "C" route suitable for new riders on big adventure bikes. We will be stopping in Barkerville for an hour or so and the ride back to Likely will take us through the Mt. Polley mine disaster. We will be staying at the Likely Lodge but if it's filled the Likely High Country Inn is nearby and camping is also available. The GVMC Routledge Runs are always a lot of fun and this one will be no exception - you don't wanna miss it.

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      Hey there, is this still happening? Could I still join? How many riders are you expecting? Thanks