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Loose screw trail updates.

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  • Loose screw trail updates.

    Here's a place for finding out about the routes available at this years Loose Screw, hopefully the guys working the other routes will chime in.

    As an asssistant to Ian (and other trail gnomes) this year, we have the C+ route well under way and should satisfy those looking to step up from a C ride. There "should" be no trees to cross depending on Ma Natures mood before the event. Some singletrack, double track, gravel road and pavement. There will be options off the base track, some harder some easier and throughout the day there are terrific views.

    Here's seven pictures from the top of Tutakamin Mt. looking towards Westwold.

    a little zoomed and a little messed up.

    So far most all the trail work has been done on big bikes, really big bikes.

    that's all for now will update as things progress.
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    A Route Update
    3 of us rode the complete A route yesterday. All in all it's in great shape, and damn there are some nice sections in there. BUT! It will be a long and steady ride for some at least. It was coolish for July yesterday, and August most likely will be hotter. It was a bit shy of 120 kmh ride, with probably 75% or so of single track. You will remember far more twists and turns than you will road sections. We did do a little bit of clearing and flagging,and just a few rest/snack/water breaks so your run times may vary? It was 7 hours almost to the minute out and back to the top of the hill. Most of the harder sections and slow going is in the morning, and it eases up as you get further in over the day, which is probably a good thing? So enjoy it everyone!
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      Getting close to ready. We rode the entire route on Sunday and it should take most people about 5-6 hours to do the first two sections and another 2 -3 hours to do the bonus section if you've got some mustard left.....

      There's a wide variety of experiences in the route. Smooth FSR, rough FSR, 2-track width trail, Single track trail, some decent climbs and descents. It's a very fun route on a big bike.

      There are a couple of log crossings but they can be ridden around. Here's my take on the C+....

      - Will be fun and flowy for anyone on a sub 500cc bike.
      - Adventure bikes you should have some skills, like the ability to ride standing up and picking up your bike. I haven't dropped mine on the route (yet) but I could see it happening depending on line choice.....
      - Recommend knobbies (Mitas E-09 or Dunlop D606 for example) though you'll get through just fine with 50/50 (Mitas E-07 for example) with a few challenging spots.


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        rode the entire route yesterday on 3 big bikes, it was a little warm though the pub lunch refreshments were cold (and food was awesome). This ride will be the perfect route for those looking to step up from a "C" level ride as it has a little of everything.

        at the staging area before getting dirty.

        along the way.

        though it is bound to change, the river is high and ccc-ool right now. perfect for clearing the dust and refreshing the body after the ride.
        One more pass thru before the event should see all (enuf) flagging in place and the removal of some more wood off of the trail.
        a smart man only believes half of what he hears, a wise man knows which half.