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    Hello there,
    long time since I post. Even longer since I ear from anyone.
    So I still have one of the club chainsaw, but no gas, no gas can and probably in need of some sharp chain.
    If I decide to use it.
    Not sure I can carry it anymore .

    In the case some work is needed and you don't get the saw back. What is the way to get what is needed.

    Also is there any plan on doing any work?
    What's the route ?

    Too many questions....

    Anyhow, would be nice to have some contact and info.


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    I ear what you say my frenchie friend.....

    JavaJude Rustic

    I think that Reece is handling A and B, Russ is doing C+ and either Judy/John or Farp is handling C. Mr Hawk is asking questions as well......


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      Hoped 5o see you at Flat Tire social sylvain. All the guys have been telling me stories about your trail clearing prowess. Details for Newbie ride are here we still need volunteers for the B and A+ routes, are you willing to help with one of those? Judy can chineninnhere she is kinda the glue for this event. We also have a new ride coming up Too Long Days details here in the forum.
      we have good news also about trails and Tamahi, you riding this weekend? I am free to come out Saturday and can bring tools to sharpen saw, fuel etc. And maybe hit a bit of trail snow permitting (was still in staging area Sunday) or meet for drinks Saturday and sharpen saw or collect saw.
      let me know and I will organize something.
      What do you know for sure?


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        Not sure I'll get there this weekend, even if Chilliwack keep beating record, mud riding is not good for the trail.

        Please keep Neil out of the forum, last time he posted we had a month of fluffy shinny white stuff.

        If I keep the saw and keep doing work, I don't think having to ask for someone to bring me gas will work. Better find a more constructive plan.

        If Reece is in charge, I'll wait for him to plan the trails and work to do then.

        Ps. Not sure I'll be in town for the ride.


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          Hey Sylvain... ya supposed to be rainy, nicer on Sunday. Yes still snow so waiting till Reece is back is a good plan. I can bring you a premixed jug of fuel, we use the Aspen fuel from the small equipment dealer but it is safe for spills and better for the little carnies when it sits for awhile.

          May take a run out there just to check things out tomorrow if the rain is not bad.
          What do you know for sure?


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            The roll chart for the EZ Adventure "C" Route has been posted to the EZ Route thread. You can find it here
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