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Too Long Days is almost here!

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  • Too Long Days is almost here!

    Online registration is now closed for too long days!, if you are still interested in attending and have not registered please message me directly we have spots open.

    late this evening confirmation of start point/time, GPS waypoints and misc. Information will be emailed to everyone registered.
    What do you know for sure?

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    Steve is being discharged tonight from hospital.
    A few cracked ribs and possibly bruised kidney.
    Hes fine and on his way home tonight.
    I wont be joining you guys tonight.
    I'll be there in the morning to ride.
    c u then.


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      Did you find the keys?
      What do you know for sure?


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        so did this ride/get together happen as planned? was it fun? take any pictures?
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          Originally posted by 04klr View Post
          so did this ride/get together happen as planned? was it fun? take any pictures?
          Ya we had challenges but also a blast. Pics and posts in another thread under the event and a ton on the FB group.
          What do you know for sure?


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            Too Long Days!!! Was it a success? I'll call it a "Dirty goal" (it wasnt pretty but it got the job done).

            So we met up at the Haig Scale and 21 kickstands went up around 9:40 heading for the Anderson Creek Fuel bar. Headed in Anderson Creek FSR and on through Uztilius FSR to Dewdney FSR where one of our group had a ride ending incident going head over handlebars with the bike landing upside down on its bars and panniers. 2.5 hour delay making sure our fellow rider was cared for and bike transported down to the Coq for recovery (Thank you Vincent for riding it out, and for the 1290 rider (Sorry I forget your name) for bringing Vincent back to his bike and to all who assisted and trips up and down Murray Lake FSR. The main group was waiting in the rain under a bit of tree canopy at the Murray Lake East recsite.

            After regrouping we grabbed a short slab section on the Coq and then scooted off through a service gate before Larson Hill and hopped on the pipeline double track doing three small water crossings (one took a bike down but he carried on no worries) to the Merrit Spur of the KVR. We grabbed the steep rock ledge bypass from the spur up onto the mainline through Brookmere. When we hit the Tulameen road we hoped of the KVR and headed for fuel in Tulameen and Princeton. Staying on pavement to pick up time we road the beautiful Princeton/summerland road through Bankier and headed north on the Glen Lake FSR through to the Peachland and Brenda mainline and into camp for just after 7pm with 19 kickstands down. Everyone got into cabins. A third cabin set for the snorers but apparently one or two didnt get that message. Burgers and beers with a view over Silver Lake.

            Doug joined us for a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and hashbrowns with cereal and yogurt. 20 Kickstands up again at 930 and lady luck was not in our favour when an AT hit a rock and broke it's right footpeg bracket, 1.5 hours and we were back enroute with 5 less riders that took the highway home. Our fearless leader guided us along a great mix of high speed flowing twisty FSR, decommissioned FSR and double track with a nice steep creek crossing BUT.... that's not Bankier and the KVR that those campers are cruising by on.... that's the connector. Oh man, I took a right and another and well we popped out at Sunset Main low on fuel but with high spirits. Slab run to Merrit where we were to meet at the Chevron/petro canada on the north end of town but some ended up on the south east end of town. Regrouping we head down the Coldwater road, a nice twisty stretch of pavement parallel to the Coq. At Coldwater we became 14 and head onto the north end of the Murray/Make Lake FSR and retraced our route to Boston Bar.

            Many lessons learned for me and others but still was an Adventure and that's what it is all about.

            I didn't have a lot of opportunity for pics but here are a few.
            What do you know for sure?