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    Dear DSBC Board and Members,

    I have been a member for only 2 years as I just returned to the sport after a nearly 20 year hiatus focusing on my young family. Now the adventure resumes.

    I bring two large relevant experience blocks to the table and have been using on the past year plus to aid DSBC Executive.

    -Forestry background. I am an habitat and restoration expert work I g in the construction and resource industries and work extensively with BC/Canadian public agencies (MoFLNRO/EAO/Fisheries and Oceans) Crown land access and private land rights of way are going to continue to be a growing issue for our sport from the New Resource Roads Act to the just about to pass ascent (gutted again) Fisheries Act. I can help maneuver these growing restrictions and applications.

    -Extensive Non Profit Board experience and administration from starting a Professional Association in BC and then Canada to community sport and public education associations in BC and Canada. Non Profit Association Act changes? No problem already advising Executives on bylaw and constitution changes required by end of November 2018.

    NOW I do NOT want to fill a position that someone else wants to fill or retain, this is not a campaign speech, I will gladly continue to volunteer as a Member to help in these two specific and more general club event roles. I urge our Board of Directors to realise that not all tasks need to be to.pleted by board members, think of yourselves (Directors) as Directors and officers in a large corporation, ask for opinions and delegate projects and tasks. I spend my year living partly in Abbotsford and partly outside of Peachland so I am happy to meet up for a meeting or a ride (rides make me more happy) anytime.

    I ride a DR650 and really think that smaller big bike ADV type day ride is going to remain my go to but I am also interested in getting back to my 1970's childhood riding up the shoulder of Dewdney to ride in a buddy's yard or up McNutt.

    Look forward to seeing everyone out on various rides this year, heading out somewhere... tomorrow morning.
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