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How to check to see if you can vote

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  • How to check to see if you can vote

    Check your member status is should read, just look at your avatar to the left of one of your posts or go to your profile

    "2017-18 Members"

    If it sez anything else you probably cant vote. DSBC will be using on line voting that will be attached to your email account you used to sign up on this forum
    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC

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    My profile just reads "Member" but I purchased my 2017 Membership at the MC Show when I was volunteering last year. Also the Membership purchase link is still showing for 2017.


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      OK, just getting back from Hibernation!

      My profile tell me that i'm old (Senior, so ready to move to Kamloops)

      Maybe I missed lots of posts while I was having my head stuck in my truck hood, but I could not figure out when is the AGM?
      Hopefully some guys want to step in, so I think its not too late.

      Are we going to have a meeting in person somewhere?

      Is it going to be a FAT riders social?

      Is it going to stop snowing?

      OK, will see if some of my question get answer, before I ask some more.


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        Hmmm. Paid up Jan-17 and both profile and Avatar from old posts still shows Senior Member.
        Maybe with this post it will say "2017-18 Members"
        or not

        It's stopped snowing but the ground is still white.
        and my status remains senior member.
        Cripey - got another year to go before I'm a senior citizen
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          I got my trail pass and swag in the mail, but the profile still show senior member. When will it change to " 2017-2018 member" ?