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2009 Desert 100! April 4th & 5th in Odessa WA.

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    There is a large block of space just behind the second set of sanacans. Turns in to main event, turn right into middle road and behind second toilets behind a few rv's is a section blocked off.Call my mobile 425.891.8424. Or plenty of space if you can't find me.


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      Thanks J for saving us a place to park the bus

      What a day of riding, Sunny and Warmand no dust I just doesn't get better, all this with 3000 of your closest riding buddies

      I don't know what the numbers are but this one has to be a record. I did not bring the camera but I am sure someone will post some pics.

      This year our group did the Iron Man Loop, 2 times around the course with three hard optionsfor a total of 80 miles. The DualSport course took you around once (no hard options) and out to some other property to ride and beer at the local brewery.

      I thought the DS course was going to be way too hard for anything above a 400 especially if you don't have much experience.I saw a couple of big advendure bikes have a slow go of it. One thing for sure, if you completed the loop you would have lots of off road experiance with your bike, you will be a better rider like it or not

      I had a greattime, really glad I was riding the 300 instead of the X. Today my arms are like spaghetti and my legs are like jello. Cant wait till next springto do it all over again

      Sorry J andgang, we packed and headed forhome as soon as we finished the course. I think you guys were staying for the race sowill wait for your report on the DS run


      Tom Timmerman
      Past President DSBC


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        It took us longer than expected to get to Odessa, we finally arrived at about 8:30pm Friday, it was dark, there were people, trailers and bikes everywhere. We told the guy on the gate we were meeting someone on the back fence, he directed us to turn right and go straight, Sorry Jay we couldn't find you. We ended up right at the front looking out at the start area. Saturday morning we rode round the site and realized there was a second right turn to the back fence, but we still couldn't find Jay, but we did find the bus.
        Can't comment on the DS run, we also did the Iron Man and Wow! was it ever good. Not what we were expecting at all, I think I only got into 3rd a couple of times. We certainly got plenty of experience of riding woops, avoiding rocks, not riding through sage bushes, overtaking slower riders and getting out of the way of the faster riders.
        It was fantastic. We all made it up the tough hill climb rock section, then spoke to a guy who dropped his KTM at the top and put the rear brake lever through the crank casing. We set off on our second lap at about 1pm, half an hour before cut off, the desert had dried out and it was very dusty, its hard to avoid pot holes and rocks when all you can see is a dust cloud. Fatigue setting in, we cut the second lap short and ducked under the tape by the rescue helicopter. When we got back to base they were just starting the youngsters mini race. It was like a sceen from an old cowboy movie with all the indians lined up on the top of a hill ready to attack, boy those kids don't hold back.
        For us it was time for a few beers, to wash the dust away. We wandered around the camp, still couldn't see the blue and gold pickup, Sorry Jay, we totaly missed you, but thanks for saving us a space. We did find a mechanics tent where they were offering suspension tuning for $10. I brought my bike back and they drasticly changed all the settings, the suspension really feels like its working now, wish I found them before the ride. The BMW suspension had felt way to hard before.
        I should say, any thoughts of entering the race on Sunday had gone after about 10 miutes of riding. We stayed to watch the race start Sunday morning and its definitly a specticle to behold, from the roar of engines to the huge cloud of dust with some bikes going full boar for the two burning oil drums.
        The whole event was a great experience.

        PS. pictures to follow.


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          Wow, what a crowd. I had a spot saved for your trailer but by 8:30pm almost every inch was filled in. I made a deal with a friend to save a spot next to his trailer some what next to me and was amazed by Saturday it was still available for Tom's bus and several of my friends trucks.

          I too made it up the tough iron man hill climb with no feet on the ground so yah for the DRZ400S.Also enjoyed riding down that very steep hill down to the river as well.Sunshine, clear blue sky and no dust made for a perfect day of ridingespecially in that desertterrain.

          Sorry I missed you Ian but more then happy to save spots when I can and hope to continue to see CA riders in my back yard.Let’s work on our legs to get them ready for next year. I will seeyou in a few months foryour club rides.



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            I just doesn't get better, all this with 3000 of your closest riding buddies

            Yeah.... we're gunna need some pics of that.

            My life has a superb cast, but I can't figure out the plot...