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2010 Vancouver Island ORCA RUN May 8, 2010

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  • 2010 Vancouver Island ORCA RUN May 8, 2010

    Preparation is underway for the 3rd annual DSBC ORCA RUN dualsport rally on Vancouver Island.

    Same awesome location on the May 8th weekend.

    Improvements are planned.

    Entry by mail-in pre-registration only.

    More information to follow, stay posted!

    In the meantime if you have any questions, ask away!

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    Let me know when your going out to check and mark the courses. I would like to help.




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      Stolen from Tom

      This will help out on which route to ride

      C = New riders. Mostly gravel roads or flat trails.

      1. You probably do not wear armour because you have yet to fall off your bike.
      2. You get over 5000 kms out of a rear tire.
      3. You have a tank bag.
      4. Your bike weights over 400 lbs
      5. You wear a street helmet
      6. Your bike is alway clean and you cry when it falls over and gets scratched

      B = All gravel all the time. Deactivated roads. Mud is fun. The odd challenging trail is OK.

      1. You wear some armour, elbow and knee pads, you have fallen off your bike before and don't like how hurts.
      2. Wonder why you only get 2500 km form a tire?
      3. Traded the tank bag for a back pack
      4. Concerned about your weight (the bike)
      5. You wear a off road helmet with goggles
      6. Sometimes you put your bike away dirty, and when it falls over, you find someone to help pick it up
      7. You wonder if a real dirt bike might be fun

      A = if you have to ask then you're not an "A" rider

        1. Full armour is you best friend
        2. Think about buying a new rear tire after 500k
        3. Fanny pack, anything else is to much
        4. You removed the passenger pegs from your bike because of how much they weigh
        5. Only own a off road helmet
        6. You clean you bike so you can see the chain to lube it or change the oil, the more scratches and damage the better the stories.
        7. Probably own a dirt bike too.
      Famous Last Words " Watch This"


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        keep us allposted on the trail clearing date's i am sure there will be a lot of tree's down after these big wind storms. thanks kurt


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          Buck has described the riding area as 'nirvana', and the campsite is right on the doorstep!

          can't wait


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            and this from last years briefing notes:-

            1. Routes – overview, description and ability assessment.
              1. A Route – For expert trail riders. Approx 100 km. Varies between logging road, de-commissioned logging roads, Hyrdo line access and quad trails. Some steep terrain but mostly up hill. Lots of roots and rocks, some log jumps. Steep technical rooty climbs preferred.
              1. B Route – For intermediate trail riders. Approx 100km. Varies between logging road, de-commissioned logging road, hyrdo line access and quad trails. Some steep terrain but mostly down hill. Lots of roots and rocks, some log jumps, technical in places, easy in others.
              1. C Route – For big bikes, [size=new riders, or anyonepreferring a scenic relaxed backroad tour with a mix of paved and gravel roads. Approx 300 km.]
              1. Sweepers will be riding behind. However if you are off course for very long don’t count on being found. Sweepers have been instructed to smear peanut butter on injured riders and leave them for the bears.

            Especially brutal? Some would say yes and some would say no. I can assure you that there are places on the A route that very few people would venture on a "950 stupid enduro" (I love that btw) and can be quite a challenge on a dirt bike, but it's ok as with a little local knowlege gathered on the day you'll figure it out and maybe bypass the more extreme stuff.


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              Never been to the Orca Run before. Where abouts exactly is this event taking place?


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                The event is just outside Victoria, behind Shawnigan Lake. It's about a one hour drive from the Swartz Bay ferry terminal.

                Come on over it's a great weekend.


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                  Based an a 5 acre campsite beside the Koksilah River, adjacent to the best dualsport riding on southern Vancouver Island.

                  Check last years event pics and videos!



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                    In answer to a PM...

                    Fuel is not a problem

                    A/B routes 100 km fuel range

                    C route 160 km fuel range

                    C route will be approx 300 km. Bailing early is optional.


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                      A related fuel question...

                      C route is being described as 300 km long, but with a fuel range requirement of only 160 km. Can I take this to mean that there's a possible fuel stop along the way? I haven't run my DR 650 dry yet, so I'm not totally sure of its range.

                      Only one way to find out, I suppose....


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                        C route is mostly paved backroads and gravel logging roads connecting communities.
                        Plenty of gas stops en-route.

                        Your DR650 should hit reserve at 180 km on the stock tank with three liters left.
                        350 on the IMS tank.

                        Also keep in mind riders can return early if the distance is to far.


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                          Thanks Buck,

                          Less pavement would definitely be better! I'm coming over for the ORCA as my first "organized" event. I'm tempted to sign up for the B, but am probably going to go for the C. I don't mind dropping the bike, but my off-road skills aren't all that hot...

                          Regardless, looking forward to getting back over onto the Island. Always a good time....

                          Hmmm....might be time for an IMS tank. 350 km sounds way better than stock....


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                            After riding last years event let me share what i had seen

                            a-loop a definate no on the 650 klr b-loop if you have not ridden trail's you may want to think twice about riding

                            b-loop.rather then change all trails it is best to pick what is a challenge yet fun and safe for your riding style.The last thing you want to do is be injured because you are out of your comfort zone.

                            c-loop from what i was told was very nice with some pavement and some gravel.

                            I did ride the A loop what we could as some was cut off due to security guards. In general it was a challenge yet fun for me.


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                              Is it spring yet??

                              I want my bike on the road! Can't wait for the ORCA run...really looking forward to my first organized event. Still humming and hawing over C vs B...

                              I'm not a great off road rider, but I want to have a good time and challenge myself at the same time. Gravel roads are good and all, but here in Squamish/Sea-to-Sky Land, it's all one-way logging roads that take you to...well, nowhere (except for cool, middle-of-nowhere kind of places)!

                              I'm looking for a route that'll challenge my abilities...

                              Anyone feel like helping a noob through the B route? I think I might get bored with the C and end up wishing I'd tried something more challenging...bordering on "out of my comfort level"...

                              I've laid my DR650 down on numerous occasions, bu that's mostly due to my lack of skills!