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Dakar Rally 2010

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  • Dakar Rally 2010

    Here's some info I just received today:

    Hi Riff Raff,

    For those of you in the US and Canada, it looks like the Versus TV coverage will be a bit better than in past years. Versus has hired a different production company. I spoke with the producer and he seems a bit more imaginative, even considering a new format with more in-depth segments focused on particular competitors. You can bet that they’ll focus on Jonah and Rally PanAm.

    The best news, however, is that they’ve hired Toby Moody to do the on-air commentary. Anyone who remembers the 2004 or earlier coverage of the Dakar knows that Toby is excited and knowledgeable about the rally. Update your subscription to Versus and maybe send them an email telling them that you’re looking forward to Dakar coverage: [/font][email protected]

    Fun fun,
    ]Charlie Rauseo
    Team Manager
    Rally PanAm
    +1 415-710-9386

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    Good news!

    Hopefully they will give more time to the bikes than in previous years. With both Robby Gordon and Mark Miller also from the US and contending for the podium I suspect it will be another car show. Still cool to see, though and downloading the Aus or EU coverage is pretty easy.

    Go Jonah!


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      where do you watch on tv. Last year I've was downloading 5min clips of each stage. Is there a channel in canada that carries it with more detail?