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    Hi Mark
    I sent you a P.M.
    wish you a speedy recovery...
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      Originally posted by leppardb View Post
      One of my pet peaves with these shows is the Wholesale/Distributer displays. When I see something I want, I want to buy it (with show discount, if possible). The "For Display Only, Go see your local dealer" answer is lame when I want instant gratification. Usually by the time I get home I don't bother pursuing it or I check out how to get it online, bypassing the local shop. You distributers should figure out some arrangement with your dealers where people can actually buy the cool stuff you bring to the show, on the spot.

      I was helping out one of the distributors displays this year and asked the owner why they only displayed after people asked about purchasing items ,he mentioned that would near double the already huge fees it was costing to be an exhibitor there