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2013 Spring nUbeE run Pre Rides

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  • 2013 Spring nUbeE run Pre Rides

    The snow levels are up and its time to start planing the routes for the Spring Nube ride

    This year the event will start at the Tamihi Campground, Just like previous years.

    Judy V will be laying out the Adventure Route ( with some help )

    The Sunday Church Group will be laying out the hard and really hard routes, stating immediately.

    The basic hard route is pretty much figured out, but we have to do a little maintenance on the trails, fallen trees rutted ditches etc. Then we have to arrow and GPS. Anyone who has a few hours and does not mind getting a little dirty and a little tired then drink a little beer, are welcome to join in. As usual there is always riding involved. Riders of intermediate level are always welcome, we need to rate the trails honestly and sometime what we think is easy turns out to be really hard, so dont be shy and come on out.

    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC

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    Saturday and Sunday March 9-10

    I will be at the Tamihi Campground

    Not much happening on the Saturday except for some scouting on what work needs doing

    Sunday is the day for the work,
    Dashboard needs some clearing,
    Snow 250 has downed trees to clear and some stones to move

    Post up if you can help

    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC


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      See you Sat at 0900 at campground.


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        I can come out on Saturday to join you guys but I have relatives coming in from out of town on Saturday night so Sunday is out for me.

        Anyone interested in doing breakfast on Saturday morning?


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          Saturday works better for me. And breakfast too. Yarrow at 8? Maybe Bob could limp out.
          The road to hell is paved ..


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            Peter, sounds good....see you at 8 in Yarrow for breakfast and it would be great to hear the Baja report from Bob....unless he's tired of talking about it by now.


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              Truck is back in one piece....Will be there for Sunday
              Should I bring my small saw?
              Will be at sleepy hollow saturday afternoon and hopefully going for a short ride. We might have time to head over to tamahi in the late afternoon
              Start time for Sunday?


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                Peter see you at 0800 in yarrow Saturday
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                  Scott, bring your saw. Neil commented on sno 250 having some dead fall across the trail

                  Im heading out now

                  I got
                  2 mattocks
                  1 pruner

                  No shovels
                  Tom Timmerman
                  Past President DSBC


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                    I'll be out on Saturday as well but probably not Sunday. Will bring the saw and a mattock in case.



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                      I'll try to show up too.
                      (text me when the heavy work is done)
                      -- You're not done until the gorilla says you're done. --


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                        Hey Tom
                        Sent you a pm
                        Going to be cold in the morning. So many stars out there tonight!!!


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                          Hey what time and where sunday


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                            Tom is camped at the Tamahi campground, we usually meet at around 0900, then go riding. Tom and Sharon are camping in the Intruder motor home in the center of the rec site.


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                              Just three of us this Sunday.

                              We got the last deadfall off of the Snow 250 trail so that is now open, sine sweet new stuff too

                              Next week we need to arrow so we will need a bunch of guys to ride the route as a group, ez and fun day

                              We also need to fix the bridge on the Dashboard trail

                              Go to next weeks thread for more information.

                              Tom Timmerman
                              Past President DSBC