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Any good side roads off the Texas Creek Road south of Lillooet on west side of Fraser

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    Does anyone have a take on the definition of "established roads" in the orv closure?
    Is an old unmaintained mine road "established". How about Big Bar fy to China Head for example? I am guessing industrial forest roads currently maintained are ok for plated, spark arrested bikes.

    scharfg, Della Creek Rd intersects Texas Creek Rd at ~ 50.480775 - 121.728399

    Recent riders in the Lillooet area, what are smoke/fire conditions up there lately? Official maps show no nearby active fires.
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      The term used in the gov't document I read a few weeks back was 'defined road' surface. I took that to mean a road surface clear of brush and grass debris. I rode accordingly, not pulling to the side, into/onto grass, etc. This still leaves some areas quite rideable....but does leave some scope for interpretation.


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        Ah..."defined road" I read that too, and confused it with the above term. Be nice to hear from BC fire service what that means.


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          Just rode from Lillooet to Poison Mtn to China Head back to Lillooet today. Smoke got worse as the day progressed, down to about 5km visability.

          Surprised how well the CB500x did especially with a somewhat Newb serious dirt rider. The XT350 and DR650 had an easier time of it.

          Tried to get to Molly Lake and ridge last night, wow what a workout, had to pull the pin once we hit the boulder garden past the 2nd scree slide. The CB only made it 1/2 way up the first scree, too heavy, too low and too high geared, pics to follow when we get back after this weekend.

          Turns out I glazed my clutch plates trying to "hop" over the scree rocks. I've since been told you have to "dump the clutch" but I'm not sure the low slung CB would have bounced its way up any further, I probably would have lost control and fell over. But Jenny on the TAT and the Rubicon Trail on a Rally Raid Level 3 kitted out CB500X sure make it look easy!!

          We had a great time over to Poison and China Head though, that little CB did well on that terrain (got to the top of China Head as well).

          Oh ya and it also sheared off my frame to motor mounting bolts where the Rally Raid skid plate ties into it, was wondering why my HWY pegs that I welded onto the skid plate bars were loose on the pavement north of Quesnel!! Got luck though and buddy was able to Ezee Out them, so rather than use the brittle grade 8 bolts I'm going to grade 5 like the stock ones.

          I can say its probably the first CB to tackle the Moly Ridge road and to successfully make it from Lillooet to Poison, to China Head and back to Lillooet though (with a few injuries).

          Looking forward to riding that trail again in reverse (to avoid those couple of challenging up hills) with a better suited CRF250L!
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