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Can we get from Summit Lake (southeast of HWY 6) to Burton (Hwy 6 to the west)?

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  • Can we get from Summit Lake (southeast of HWY 6) to Burton (Hwy 6 to the west)?

    Will be attending the HU event in August and looking for a short not too knarly ride for a morning/afternoon. We'll be riding the Wilson Lake route as part of our ride to Nakusp, so I"m looking for another short loop/in/out and saw the possible Summit to Burton ride on my Backroads map. I'll be on my CB500X so not looking for knarly stuff (will have a Wee with us as well).

    Or would the Shannon Creek FSR out of Hills (just north of Slocan Lake) to Burton be a better option for us?

    Or how about the roads south of Burton, like Woden Creek FSR/Snow Creek Rd/Burton Creek FSR, may that be an option as well?

    We are also riding the dirt from Whatshan Lake north into Nakusp and stopping off at the Halfway hot springs.

    If you don't think those will work please suggest another alternative (could be an in and out ride as well). We are looking for MTN viewscapes.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Just did the Whatshan lake north. Its a nice trip. Road is in great shape, They are logging about center point along this route so be ready for the dust.


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      Howdy Zoo, thank you for the update.

      Hopefully someone will help out with the other more sketchy route options west of Summit Lake....

      Taje care!