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Is there a route from the north end of Indian Arm to Burke Mountain?

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    Hey Cyclic, want to go for a ride? I can offer lunch and good company. I'm on a CRF250L and and am an intermediate beginner. Your PM's are turned off BTW
    Matthew Do | CRF250L | VA7MDO


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      For sure, I have no idea how to turn on messaging after going through settings, but always looking for guys to ride with.


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        Hi Cyclic.
        With your username, are you a Helicopter Pilot?
        If so should be easy to explore good trails.
        And many parks are legal for riding on, as is the Trans Canada Trail.
        I was riding in a park last summer. An officer waved me over to her. She asked me to please stay on existing trails and not rip up virgin ground was all. Then she asked me to tell the others I was with, and said have a good ride.