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KVR Motorized sections.

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  • KVR Motorized sections.

    I was asked to post this, so here it is.
    The usual disclaimers apply...I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information, etc....this has been gathered over the past two or three years, so some of it may not be applicable anymore...blah, blah, blah.

    From Kingsvale to Brodie is multi-use, meaning that it's open to everyone. Brodie to Brookmere is also multi-use. From Brookmere all the way past Thalia, to Otter Lake, to Coalmont and all the way to Princeton is multi-use...exercise caution when going through the Parr's VERY dark in there.
    Some people say that the tunnel under Highway #3 is non-motorized, others say it isn't...the only sign I've seen stating NON-MOTORIZED is about 100m east of the tunnel, so up to that sign is fair game AFAIC. There is a short detour around the town of Princeton (generally, any section of KVR that goes through a town is off limits to motorized) and you can pick up the railbed again just north of town at Rainbow Lake'll see a sign on one side of the road that states "Non-Motorized only"...other side is fair game all the way to Osprey Lake which is as far as we got last year, so I can't advise on points beyond. I've read that there is a "get-off" point before Faulder, but I don't know exactly where it is. Through Summerland and all the way to Penticton is non-motorized, as is the entire length of the railbed from Penticton through Naramata, to Little Tunnel.
    About 100m North of Little Tunnel, it becomes multi-use again, all the way to Ruth Station. Then from Ruth to Myra is obviously non-motorized and once past the Myra Canyon NE parking lot, it becomes multi-use again.

    If anyone would like to add to this, feel free....