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  • Search for chilliwack bike rent / riding in June

    Hello community,

    my name is Chris, 32 , and i'm for a business trip in chilliwack. I'm searching for an opportunity to ride a dirtbike over a day or a weekend in June.
    Is it possible to rent a bike somewhere and ride some dirt trails? Or even better, someone of u lend me some time and can show me some nice trails around

    I'm from germany, near frankfurt airport and can offer you the same when you are in europe.

    My rides are a Husaberg 390 and 570, i ride enduro events around europe and will start rally racing this year. I just was in the moroccan desert in february to learn sand riding.

    So if you have some informations for me to find an old dirty dirt bike for a day or two or want to show me your trails, i'll be sooo happy

    Best regards, Chris
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    Welcome to this forum, Chris.