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The Benefits of a DSBC Membership

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  • The Benefits of a DSBC Membership

    And there are a few, I will list some with no order of importance

    • You will become a member of a great group of people that ride where you ride
    • You will be a voting member of the DSBC society and have the opportunity to shape our future
    • Your membership will help keep this forum open and free
    • Membership will have a few additional Threads and Topics only open to members
    • Membership will get you discounts on DSBC Events
    • DSBC members get a substantial discount at all Lordco's
    • Members get a cool pile of swag the includes but is not limited to, the coveted DSBC keychain, Reflective Swing Arm Decal, a mini DSBC decal (for your car if you ever take that out) DSBC card
    • Members will get access to Private Messaging on the forum
    • Members will have access to the For Sale section
    • constant updates of what's going on with government and our riding areas (or restriction thereof )

    More to follow as I think of it

    Support DualSportBC and get your 2017 membership now follow this link to paypal

    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC

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    Paid up.
    Thanks Tom et al.


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      Good evening everyone. I paid up my dues earlier this summer and I'm seeing one of the benefits of it right here, right now. Looks very nice so far, and I know a lot of the forums are using the Vbulletin platform, and it seems to work very well. Congratulations and thank you to all the folks that are behind this.

      ps: the only thing I can't find so far, is the start a new topic button?
      you know-once your over the hill,you tend to pick up speed!


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        Originally posted by cactusreid View Post

        ps: the only thing I can't find so far, is the start a new topic button?
        Go into the forum you want and you will see a blue button. I took a screenshot, it it exceeds the size limit of pictures.