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How can I support DSBC? With a purchase of Membership thru Paypal

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  • How can I support DSBC? With a purchase of Membership thru Paypal

    DualSportBC is operated by volunteers, but it still takes cash to operate. Things like Web space, Forum Software, Tech Support and Hacker Attack software. Not one of DSBC Volunteers take any cash out for their work, but DSBC does offer to pay of out of pocket costs for these volunteers.

    DSBC has stood the test of time here on the great internet, starting pre 2003 and we are still here. The future is uncertain for many clubs and to compete or integrate with other social media platforms usually requires specialized skills or software, neither come free of cost.

    DSBC in involved in many aspects of the off road community, including but not limited to British Columbia Off Road Motorcycle Association, Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group and Tamihi Trails. Again all volunteers.

    Please update your membership or become a first time supporter

    If you are paying for someone other that the name on the paypal account just insert the name under Additional Notes

    DSBC 2020 Membership
    Additional Notes
    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC