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  • Wanted Small CC Dualsport

    Looked last winter but didn't pull the pin. I ride a DR650 and will continue to as primary but want a second street legal buddy/wife/trail bike. So the Wife is short and a new rider so I am looking g for a low seat height. Also hoping that this bike will fill (for now) fill the roll of smaller lighter trail bike for myself. Older bikes are fine as long as in good shape. Prefer electric start. What do you have?

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    Check the seat height but I think a KLX is the best potential for yourself and a wife bike. WR250 probably too tall. KTM same boat.

    I found a decent used XT225 for Tracey. Works out pretty well.


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      Seat is pretty tall on the KLX, makes it tough for those of shorter stature. The KLX can be lowered, dropped the wife's seat height over 3", but it is a iffy job. I'd suggest the XT series, easy to maintain and no surprises with power....probably cause there isn't any to be found.


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        Finally, someone vertically challenged! I found the shortest-person bike ever, the Honda CRF 230L. Seat height is 31.5". It definitely is a good bike to learn on and street legal, large in cc to get your full license on too. You can try mine if you'd like.


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          I have heard the "Super Sherpa" is quite capable off road. Also, the XR250L, but they're rare. Yamaha XT250 is inexpensive, proven and capable. Also, the KLX250 is a good bike. Can even do the speed limit on the hwy. if needed. Or the best Japanese dual sport ever, the DT200R! (I'm Biased)


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            DR200 has the lowest standover height of everything my vertically-challenged wife tried, combined with a fairly narrow seat, light weight, and very docile power delivery. Also very cheap when we bought it brand new a couple of years back. Worth checking out.