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  • Photo viewing issues

    Lately I'm seeing a number of people having issues seeing photos in posts. I can say that I've not seen any issues on my systems which are Apple based so I'm generally using Safari on my Mac, iPhone and iPad.

    If you're getting that could you please help me out by posting either in the post where the issue is, or here; please include your browser type (ex. Internet Explorer) and what version of it you're running. Once you've posted that, please check for an update to your browser, update it if required, and then edit your post to include the results once updated (working, not working, new revision). It also doesn't hurt if you're able to include your computer type (Mac or PC) and what OS you're running and version.

    Thanks and we'll have it fixed soon I hope. vBulletin are normally quite good with this but I need to isolate the issue somewhat first.

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    Tom Timmerman
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