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    Obviously the site has recently been updated which IMO is a good thing but I liked seeing the new recent topics/posts/replies listed clearly on the right hand side and I see there is now something similar on the left and can only assume other than this post, there hasn't been anything really new in about 1 week?

    Maybe I'm missing something and this is sort of a test post.

    To answer my own question, I do see this topic at the top of the Whats Been Happening list.
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    Yes you are correct, still a bunch of other updating to do and we can only get this done between other projects (ie riding)

    Still lots of views here on the forum but not much discussion, it seems many have moved over to Facebook. Pretty hard to compete with such a EZ platform, bug problem is if you post on FB you have sold your soul. Not to mention only the old fogies use FB. We are hopeful to bring back the loyal DSBCrs but that wont be able to happen till we can provide a platform that we all can use.

    Thanks for noticing and any good ideas area always welcome

    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC


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      "Not to mention only the old fogies use FB" ??? Say what?? I"m under the impression that only the young'uns use FB. I don't use FB as I want to keep what's left of my soul.
      Still feeling lost on the site but will keep checking in and trying to get used to the NEW.
      Agree with: "I liked seeing the new recent topics/posts/replies listed clearly on the right hand side".
      BIG thanks to those who are putting in the many hours to keep the site up.

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        Will keep working, there is a lot to do as the site format is like over 10 years old now.
        Tom Timmerman
        Past President DSBC


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          I joined FB when it first started and was sort of like Tinder

          Then it got to the point where I just couldn't bother dealing with it anymore and forgot about it for years. Then all of a sudden starting getting tons of weird FB notifications in my hotmail account (which I don't use to often but still keep active) and christ, trying to permanently delete my FB account was a living nightmare but eventually did it.

          Personally I think having the DSBC forum is better cus if for example I want to recommend it to someone way easier to just come here

          2020 is the first year I'll actually be joining DSBC as a member and hope to be able to do more of the events and generally help if I can (time/location etc depending) and I'm relatively computer literate so if you need help with the forum, please let me know