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Riding around Smithers

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  • Riding around Smithers

    I am hoping to get a ride in - a guide to the area would be great.
    I am currently in Valdez AK and starting to make our way home.
    I have limited access to the Internet as we usually stay in state parks or Non RV parking lots.
    We are planning to visit a friend in Smithers between Aug 15 and 20.
    I have found trail riding sparse in Alaska and the northern Yukon do to the Permafrost and tundra.
    The quads chew the ... out of some areas making it a giant mud pit or there have been no motorcycles allowed only quads with 2 or more drive wheels and a max 8psi ground pressure.

    If anyone is interested in showing me around I would appreciate it. I have my WR on the front rack of my truck. I am running 13-48 gearing and by D606 is starting to wear down.

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    Hey there. When you get into town shoot me a PM and we can meet. If i can't ride with you (bloody work) i can help you get aimed in the right direction.

    Talk to you soon!!


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      Thanks, I PMed you and will let you know when I get in.
      It looks like you like beer - You should plan a trip to Alaska they have 22 craft breweries. I have hit 18 so far and will do another tomorrow in Skageway, maybe 2. Cheers