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Route from Highway 20 to Highway 16 Hanceville to Vanderhoof

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  • Route from Highway 20 to Highway 16 Hanceville to Vanderhoof

    Is there any information available about a route from Highway 20 to Highway 16 on the west side of the Fraser River? We are going up to the Yukon ( truck with wife and dogs camping) and I want to go up the west side of the Fraser. The backroad map book shows a way through Meldrum Creek. We palnned to come out from Farwell canyon and maybe gas up at Riske Creek - any gas there? Then up to Vanderhoof hopfully avoiding Billys Puddle, Quesnel and PG.

    Any route information would be great. A GPX track would be fantastic. The vehicle is a Nissan X-Trail which has a good 4wd but is not really suitable for total bush bashing.



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    Hi Will,

    Last year we could not get fuel at Riske Creek so we tanked up in Williams lake....

    We did most of the routes outlined in here:


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      Hi David,

      Wow. It looks like you had a great ride. I saw some pictures last year on the site but did not clue in what you had done. We have 28 days to be away but our garden says about 2 weeks max. Hopefully leaving around July 2 - returning ? The route upBlackwater Road looks like it will work very well. Having read Eric Colliersbook "Three against the Wilderness" I want to see the Meldrum Creek area if possible but gas availability may say next time.

      We have not been to the Yukon / Alaska before. What was a highlight for you on this ride?




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        I only made it up as far as the Yukon and had to peel off and head for home.....

        A few highlights for me were:

        The Nisga Lavafields...

        The road to Stewart and taking in the Bear and Salmon Glaciers...

        The Telegraph Creek area was also top shelf, especially the road in along the Canyon Rim.... It's probably a lot more fun on a bike than in a cage....

        Come to think of it, my whole 2 weeks on that ride were fantastic....


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          We took the road from Quesnel to Vanderhoof. Went up the west side of the Fraser, refueled at Quesnel and then back on the gravel. Route finding was quite easy. Camped at Twin Lakes Forest Sevice campsite. Very nice and the bugs not too bad. came out about 10K from Vanderhoof. Good route.

          Thanks for the help.

          The glaciers at Stewart are very special as were the quantity of bugs in the Telegraph Creek area.