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Kitimat Terrace Back roads?

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  • Kitimat Terrace Back roads?

    The last few years have been all about southern Alberta singletrack (and a little bit of southern BC & some Utah thrown in for variety) but the knees want an easier life for 2018.
    I'll be bringing a Husky 701 up to Kitimat this summer, looking for back roads and easy trails to explore.
    Any words of wisdom?
    2017 Husqvarna 701 Enduro

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    I spent a few weeks there last summer - it's short, but the access is incredible. Lots and lots of exploring available. You're bringing the right bike. Watch the flats along the highway as it get's pretty swampy. I didn't make any connections while I was there but lots of folks riding off-road. Post up in the regional section to keep us abreast of the goings on and I'll hook up with you if I'm up there this summer - RT is one of our clients so I'm there from time to time.


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      I've lived in Kitimat for 30+ years, though I'll likely be leaving some time this year. There are lots of places to explore. South of town, near the smelter is the Bish FSR that follows the Douglas Channel for a while, passes Chevron's stalled LNG project site, then goes up into the hills for a bit.

      North of the Service Centre area you can travel the west side of the valley on gravel all the way to Terrace, except for one creek crossing (White Cr., I think) just before Terrace that's pretty deep and fast for a bike. I've seen quads come through there though. You can detour east about half way and come out on the highway by Onion Lake, or just explore all around.

      You can explore up Forest Ave. by the Info Centre as you come into town. Lots of roads there and the Hirsch Creek "jumping bridge".

      If you go north on the highway a bit, you can find North Hirsch FSR that's a fairly long in-and-out that has a nice view at the end if you climb up into the old cut block.

      Half way to Terrace there's the Onion Lake X-country ski trails. If you turn east there, you can follow the North Kitimat Main FSR and lots of mileage to explore up there. If you can find the Hoult Creek FSR, just past Hunter Creek bridge on North Kitimat Main, that takes you to the new Pacific Trails Pipeline route that has a sweet (steep) road going up and over a pass into the Clore Valley. The higher you get, the steeper it gets. I eventually spun out and flopped my KLR and gave up because I was running out of daylight, but not before seeing some gorgeous vistas. You might find a gate preventing access, but we squeaked around it a couple of years ago. Haven't been there since so I have no intel on the current state but the project is on hold and they've moved the camps out so who knows? It's about 90km total there and back from the highway.

      Terrace has a lot of options as well. You could go and find the old abandoned town of Dorreen ( Actually there are still two residents there and it's a cool place with old vehicles from before there was road access. You'll have to slip under a cable to get in but it's easy. They don't mind you being there as long as you're respectful.

      A lot of riding can be done via the Copper River FSR where you get access to the Clore and Kitnayakwa valleys, as well as the famous Telkwa Pass. I highly recommend the Telkwa Pass, and most of it is easy riding except for the last few km at the top, which are a real b*tch on a bigger bike. It's also prone to slides. Don't go alone.

      Trapline Mountain or "Trapper" is a fairly easy ride that is also accessed off the Copper River FSR at around 23km I think. It's a repeater station with 360 degree views and alpine lakes. Also a cabin there.

      For a short but fun ride, try Thornhill Mountain (off Old Lakelse Lake road). Antenna stations and views up there.

      Another nice, short one is Dasque Creek, off the Whitebottom road near Old Remo. There's a run-of-river hydro project up there. Find your way to the top where the intake and fish ladder are. Really nice spot with a view up the canyon of cliffs and snow-capped peaks.

      That ought to keep you busy for a while and my typewriter is about out of ink. If I'm still living here when you come I'll be happy to show you around. I also have quite a few .gpx files of these rides.

      Here's a taste:

      North Hirsch

      Hoult Creek

      Telkwa Pass

      Trapline Mtn

      Dasque Creek

      Kleanza FSR

      Kleanza Lake

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        Awesome post!


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          NW Coaster, that is truly a great post & just what I was hoping for. I'm in Kitimat now but the bike won't get up here until late April. A bit chilly at the moment anyway, isn't it.
          2017 Husqvarna 701 Enduro


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            Yep. Hopefully we don't get as much snow in March as we did last year. That set our season back quite a bit.