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Practice area in lower mainland?

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  • Practice area in lower mainland?

    I'm looking for somewhere in Vancouver/Richmond/Burnaby to simply practice slow riding, trials techniques, lifting front wheel, for my trials bike and FE350 . There used to be an area in Richmond with some sand and a hill, but I think that is no longer available. I'm looking for somewhere I can ride to, goof around, and ride home, without having to head up to squamish or ioco (I live in Vancouver.)

    Any suggestions?

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    Triangle Beach in Richmond is still there, don't think there are any hills though. Might find some logs to practise riding over near the beach though. Another spot is by 8 Road and there was a pre-load pile there a few years ago.


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      Thanks ... that's what I was looking for. The S end of 8 road still seems to have piles on it, if Google satellite is current. Will have to go check it out.