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2014 AUGUST 25 (Chilliwack Recreational Advisory Group) minutes

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  • 2014 AUGUST 25 (Chilliwack Recreational Advisory Group) minutes


    Some interesting information on future areas, please read


    TRAILS MEETING CHILLIWACK DISTRICT, 2014 AUGUST 25 (Chilliwack Recreational Advisory Group) CRAG

    In attendance: Mike Peters + 14: Mike Overhoff (DSBC), Tom Timmerman (DSBC), Peter Friesen (DSBC), Cal Kaylor (SWATT), Kim Reeves (4WDABC), Leon Lebrun (Trails BC / TCT), Pat Harrison (Hike BC / NHT), Karin Smith (BCHBC), Larri Woodrow (BCWF), Kevin Koopmans (FVMBA), Brian Romak (BCSF), Elmer Niezen (BCSF) and Ray Heppner (CORMC); new member Robert Wall from BC Spelunkers Federation joined the group.
    Meeting began at 7 PM.

    a. Review of Chilliwack Tourism Hiking Brochure (Vanessa Oddy: 604 819 5521): Now printed off; take home and review for additions, omissions, etc.; send feedback to Vanessa or to Mike Peters. The Chilliwack / Merritt map is going to be redone soon (done every five years); if you have any comments for change, make sure to let Mike know.

    b. Tamihi Staging Area: Close to finishing main area; signs are mostly up; some minor finishing needed to be done to parking area; still have money for a shelter; should have project wrapped up by fall.

    c. Letter from ADM (Gary Townsend) of MFLNR regarding Rails to Trails and the TCT: sections of abandoned rails to trails near urban areas to remain non-motorized as urban centres have lots of hikers/bikers and a mixture of motorized and hikers/bikers would create a hazard; more remote areas will be opened up to the motorize community as these areas are little used by non-motorized users due to remoteness. Of the 550 kilometres of Rails to Trails on Crown land, 400 km will be made available to the motorized community (ATVs). This seen as improving the Tourism potential. The Provincial Government has had an agreement with the TCT for 20 years regarding the Rails to Trails. This letter from the ADM was sent to Trails BC, ATVBC, TCT National, Trails BC (Leon Lebrun).

    Leon’s response at meeting: TCT has had much success with greenway programmes of cities, municipal parks, regional parks, BC Parks; little success with Crown land. Can’t market the trail now as a greenway across BC; 400 km gaping hole in TCT as these sections no longer useful for non-motorized users; has had comments from various cyclist that sections west of Grand Forks are no longer useful to cyclist and will not be used by them. These 400 km will become a ‘freeway’ of motorized users with fairly high speed of vehicles, ruts in trail, and conflict between users; the above does not pertain to the Chilliwack Forest District (CRAG has been a successful tool in alleviating such problems). ATVBC is aware of change of policy and this knowledge is already getting out the public. This policy is most likely the result of the issues not being resolved on the Rail to Trail sections in other districts. TCT legacy is now out the window and puts the Rec Sites / Trails personnel in a awkward position (going to be hard to manage the TCT now)

    Larri: The TCT was intended for horse riders, cyclist, and hikers; this was promised in 2010; now 20 years of volunteer work down the drain.
    Cal: need more CRAG-like groups in the other forest districts.
    d. Chilliwack River Valley RFP: New update policy for Request for Proposals to manage sites coming out this week; proposals need to in by January 1, 2015.

    e. Campfire bans: on/off/on/off; right now off. Will it return this summer? Not likely.

    f. Budget: Operation gone! Capital: Tamahi: some still left to finish project. LBIS: finishing up distributing the money to Hope Mountain and the three other small projects (Harrison yacht club, etc.); really important that site operators collect fees in order to help forest district.

    g. NTC update: Mike wrote letters for 9 (?) projects; eight accepted; one turned down. One project has funding from the $5000 for Harrison L.O. money, but the other projects are dependent on the 2015 budget. Will the Federal government accept this? Federal proposal very ambiguous; no one knows.

    h. Bowen Island trail conflict now being resolved; new club of motorized users (Crown Offroad Riders) is now working with Island Trust; club has new logo and new signs to protect the private land around the marsh owned by Island Trust; Jack asked Mike if he had heard about the National Park proposal for Bowen; he had not. This appears to be a win-win situation.

    i. Nahatlatch / Harrison Lookout Maintenance: Cal needs dimensions of the lookout so that he can acquire the aluminum need for protection of the base of the lookout. The lookout is 14’ X 14’. John Blinston of SWATT is in possession of an old fire lookout gage that he will donate; needs appropriate map for centre of gage.

    j. Hale Creek maintenance: much better; epoxy glue used from bottom up; new cut block nearby may block access for two months or so (small cut block); perhaps can keep access open for weekends; Mike to look into that.

    k. Interpretive Forest update for Sayres Lake: workshop tomorrow on mapping; comments from public survey to be rolled into update. Kwantlen First Nation manage Rec Site; hope to use money from limited harvesting to invest in improving Rec. Site and promote cultural signs, trails; this is a positive as Rec. Sites are being considered first before harvesting of timber. Nothing new on the Tim Horton’s project.

    l. Dewdney Grind Trail request: answer from Minister of FLNR (Steve Townsend) is perhaps new ‘flavour’ coming out of government: not much money or resources to do all the assessment for gazetting a trails; need to work with regional trail strategies and collaborate with other governments in order to develop Provincial Trail System. As for Bowen Island development of collaboration, can now move ahead with defining trail network.

    m. Trail Assessment project by Kevin Coopman is moving ahead; he has hiked 9 or 10 trails. Main issues seem to be the length and remoteness of access to these trails; really too long for day hikes and most are for advance hikers (need to market differently). 13 trails have been reestablished in the CFD (gazette). Signage is sketchy in many places and day hikers might easily get lost. Changes occur rapidly and guidebooks unable to keep up. Jack has put in for a total of $30,000 from money from various sources (FVRD, Chilliwack Tourism, etc) and he is hoping to get matching funding from the Feds. TD is willing to throw in $15,000 if the Feds come on board. Kevin’s work was noted in proposal so trail assessment is critical to getting the grants; Jack hopes to have a fulltime crew of 4.

    n. Nahatlatch River Rec. Site / Log Creek Bridge access update: Cal / Bruce working on this; have sent a letter requesting action; have heard nothing back yet. There is one steel bridge available.

    o. Vedder Mountain Interpretive Forest process update: Consultative process finished; still waiting on First Nations final comments (Referral Process). Mike has sent reminder that comments are needed.

    p. Trail Counters: Many of the infrared counters on hiking trails have been stolen; easy to remove from the logs mounted on; cot about $400 each; perhaps mount them in posts as Metro Vancouver has done (seems to work). Counters to mountain bikes, motorized vehicles are buried and there seem to be no problems (unless can’t find). Batteries need to be changed in spring and fall (2X per year). Hope to purchase a few more counters next year. Would like to have some at staging areas; also could have live feed as SIM cards cost $15 each.

    q. BC Nickel Mine Area update: new owners (Barrett Gold) want recreational users off their land; previous owners of 35 years had no problem. Barrett Gold also wants to develop recreation potential: gondola, rec. sites, etc.

    a. Guest: Engineers if committee can prepare questions to be asked; won’t come if this is not done; or, could have an person from industry. Jack recommended that Provincial park people be invited to attend on a regular basis since they are an important component of the area (Rob Wilson or Tom Blackbird); perhaps a FVRD rep. as well.
    b. Robert Wall will develop a presentation about his group for the next meeting.
    c. Meeting adjourned about 8:45 PM.
    Minutes by Pat Harrison and Jack Bryceland.
    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC

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    1.q -- Nickelmine area closure pending?? That seems like a pretty big deal. Is that whole area privately owned?


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      Someone was reading there

      At the moment things don't look all that good for dirt biking at Nickelmine. I have heard nothing from any of the Fraser Valley Dirt Riders but they spend most of their time on Facebook, where I dont.

      Looks like land development and to get that underway you have to evict the squatters first. I dont know if it is privately owned or under mine tenure, sounds like private property if they can evict users?

      Hopefully one of the FVDRA members will chime in and tell us more.

      Tom Timmerman
      Past President DSBC


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        I could be way off base but my belief is there is heavy logging going on up at nickel mine and areas will be closed off during this time.