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Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting Sept 29, 2014

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  • Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting Sept 29, 2014

    Some light reading so you kinda know whats going on in your recreational district

    If you have any questions please feel free to comment

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    Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting Sept 29, 2014
    Ministry of Forests Building, Airport Road, Chilliwack

    Attendance list: Mike Peters (RSTBC), Rose Schroeder (Horse Council BC), Scott Davis-Fisch (FVMBA), Jacquie Horn (RSTBC), Mike Overhoff (DSBC), Cal Kaytor (SWATT), Brian Romak (CSC), Pat Harrison (Hike BC), Bruce Ledingham (SWATT), Peter Friesen (DSBC), Leslie Hagen (4WDABC), Dan Wishart (4WDABC), Sam Waddington (COC), Larri Woodrow (BCWF), Leon LeBrun (TBC), Dwight Harris (GVMC), Garth Harper (GVMC), Ray Keller (GVMC), Elmer Niezen ( CSC), Jack Bryceland (FMCBC), Tom Timmerman (DSBC), M.J. Pontinen (RNATV)

    Guests: Bill Brooks, Maureen Sinclair (Stave West Project)

    A. Call to Order and Introductions - 7:05 pm by Mike P.

    B. Guest Speakers - Bill Brooks, Maureen Sinclair (Stave West Project)
    - presented the Public Questionnaire Summary. Can be found on-line
    - there is another commercial study being done
    - the Public Summary will help to draft the Master Plan which will be presented Nov 19, 20 and 22, 2014 at Public
    Open Houses for input. Listed on-line as well for locations and times.
    - please send this link to your members so they can review and make comment.

    C. Additional Agenda Topics - none

    D. Update from District

    1. Stave West Review of Survey Results - see above

    2. Tamahi Staging Area Updates and Issues
    Laurie Throness (MLA) had to cancel. He was to speak on Tamahi Staging Area concerns from resident (s) about
    noise issues from motorized. Discussion on how to address:
    - change access off the main road - signage - ban ORV from FSR
    - add vegetation buffer - restrict pipe size
    A 20’x30’ shelter will be going in soon. Another suggestion: signage for Tamahi east stating Day Parking is free.
    Mike is working with the host so people understand the policy.
    This has been a very successful project: goals were to clean up road, address safety concerns with parking on the
    corner, crossing the road and education. Mike P and Tom T will meet to discuss noise issue. Laurie also wanted to
    talk about Sunshine Valley. Will invite him for another meeting.

    3. Caving in CRV - Rob Wahl absent tabled.

    4. TCT and potential Trail Section in CRV
    Leon L reported exploration of Hick’s Creek FSR on Skagit side which would connect to Lindeman/Greendrop Lake trail. There would be 7 km to revive on the old decommissioned FSR. This is not the TCT but would be an alternate route for hikers. There is history here as it was part of the old Whatcom Trail and would connect with the old Centennial trail (interest in re-opening that as well). Hike BC is also interested in participating in this project and will use it to make the connection via the Skagit to Manning Park and the PCT. Question: is it a desired project? How will it happen? Who will take the lead?
    Mike P has connected with BC Parks who will want a long term agreement signed. Possible funding from SEEC? Will there be more harvesting? Could be a long time as the general time frame is every 40 years (was harvested approx 20 years ago). Mike P will check with Forestry. Suggestion to contact Kelley Cook and Kelly Pierce because of the Heritage aspect. Chilliwack Trails Society could be interested. Are permissions needed from RST? If there is no file then a Section 57 is needed.

    5. Update on Chehalis Lake North Rec Site and Mining Permit
    Still no plans for bridge repair. Once the bridge is fixed then the rec site can be rebuilt. Person with the mining permit cannot bar anyone from the site. If he tries Mike needs to know.

    6. Nahatlatch and Harrison Fire Lookouts
    Nahatlatch building has been porcupine proofed! Fire gauge has been installed. Web Cam has been repositioned to look at bldg. You can view by googling Nahatlatch Fire lookout. Needs some maintenance yet like painting and garbage clean up and nails. Also a sign to install.
    West Harrison fire lookout still has $5,000.00 to spend. Roof has a leak so could possibly hire a helicopter to fly in supplies as the trail is in poor shape. Jack volunteered to coordinate a work party including Bruce, Leslie and Dan. Need an inventory of pictures before and after to document maintenance needed and improvements.

    Note* Oct 20 - 28 the bridge at 4 km on the Nahatlatch Rd will be closed for maintenance

    7. Section 57 Applications Update
    1. Cheam: snowmobile issues. Problems reported with water bars being blown out and road damaged. Mike needs pictures if possible. Avalanche assessment coming soon along with the overlay.
    2. Torx: Mtn bike project in Coquitlam on Eagle Mountain
    3. Vedder Mtn: Mtn bike project. Ernie (FVMBA) needs to get an AIA done for new trail
    4. Hope

    8. Bowen Island Update
    All trails on the Island Trust property are decommissioned. There is a new ATV, 4WD and Motorized Club forming to submit plans for a trail network.

    9. Vedder Mountain Update
    Waiting for the last word from First Nations. Can’t get $ from NTC until Sect 57 is done. There is ditching and road maintenance going on the backside (Cultus side) of the mountain.

    10. NTC - Rose S presented an update from ORC on non-motorized submissions. 38 were submitted for a total of 1.2
    million. Allocation is $400,000. 30 applications were scored and those requested $963,000. Still no date on when successful applicants will be notified. Motorized reports same findings.

    11. Budget Update
    Winding down as all budget has been spent so finishing up projects.

    12. District Priorities
    Still struggling to meet the workload. At some point Rec Sites need to manage themselves to free up time. Successful NTC projects could add more work for 2015.

    13. CRV RFP Process Update
    There will be a new agreement holder next year. There are 5 applicants. Look for a fee increase for Rec Site for next year. Discussion on future harvesting in CRV.

    Note * DND will be installing a gate on the east side of the bridge across Slesse Creek.

    14. Recent Cheam Trail Access Issues - discussed above. Road was temporarily closed due to an accident with an excavator that was working on drainage. More signage was needed to notify users of the closure BEFORE they got up the road. This led to a discussion on how can we effectively notify rec users of closures?

    15. Forest Service Roads, Gates, Decommissioning and Closures
    Jack B volunteered to compile a list of general and specific examples of issues regarding the noted. Mike P will invite Forestry Engineering to come to a meeting to discuss. Please send specifics to Jack. Some of the things Rec Users need to know:
    - who gate belongs to
    - times open and closed or locked
    - contact info
    - that the website information is current and correct

    16. Trails Societies
    Potential new society being formed called Chilliwack Park Society hoping to build new trails: specifically on the Eastern Hillsides. They have contacted Mike P who offered the advice that any trails need to consider access and parking first.
    The other potential society is to manage the funding for hiking trails in the CRV & the possible NTC contribution.

    17. Nahatlatch Fire Look out Update - discussed above #6

    18. Passing of Wally Klammer
    Suggestion to put a memorial plaque at the new Tamahi Rec Site to recognize his efforts. Garth Harper will replace Wally.

    Other Discussion:
    - BC Nickel Mine: if Barrick Gold gets their lease application then will be no more riding in that area. Front Counter BC will be making the decision on the lease. Suggestion that an area be set aside for rec use?

    - Herrling Island project: moving slowly. Keeping the door open so that the riding areas are not a surprise to new owners.
    - docks at Harrison: controversy brewing

    D. Next Meeting: October 27, 2014 at Ministry of Forests Bldg in Chilliwack at 7:00 pm
    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC