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Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting April 27, 2015

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  • Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting April 27, 2015

    Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting April 27, 2015
    Ministry of Forests Building, Airport Road, Chilliwack

    Attendance list: Marina Dunn (RSTBC), Rose Schroeder (Horse Council BC), Brian Romak (CSC), Peter Friesen (DSBC), Leon LeBrun (TBC), Jack Bryceland (FMCBC), Mike Reilly (RNATV), Tom Timmerman (DSBC), Dwight Harris (GVMC), Ray Heppner (CORMA), Ernie Kliever (FVMBA), Mike Overhoff (DSBC)

    1. Welcome and Introduction of Guests: (no guests)

    2. Chilliwack District News

    - Marina reported that her office has been asked by Forestry to put together a list of “High Value” rec sites. Purpose appears to be to help decide where to apply funding for maintenance on access roads. A definition of High Value vs the criteria for High Value was discussed. ACTION: Marina offered to send out the criteria list. There will be some groups that do not participate in the CRAG meetings that will not be included.

    - Enriquez and Andrew’s project collecting map data from user groups will continue after Andrew’s contract is finished. Lots of interest and input from stakeholders. The idea is to form various levels of referrals and consultation based on the database created.

    - DRO (District Recreation Officer) interviews finish May 1. Both for Chilliwack and Merritt. We may know by June 1.
    Jacquie’s contract is under review.

    - The Coast Recreation meeting is May 12-13. Staff will then be busy getting ready for the May long weekend when most
    sites open for the season.

    3. District Budget

    - 2014 spending has ended. Just finishing up capital projects. New fiscal budget will be same as last year. There is an unusually high request for capital funding across the province. Managers are determining the best way to fairly distribute the funds. Capital projects approved for now are:
    1. Vedder Mountain: $20,000.00
    2. Long Island Bay: $40,000.00
    3. East Sector Harrison Hot Springs: $10,000.00? Project scope may change
    4. Blue Mountain: $10,000.00 Potential to buy the strip of land to provide access through the private property.

    4. Tamahi Staging Area Update

    - meeting May 8th with Robert van der Zalm (RSTBC), elected Officials Orion Engar and Laurie Throness and residents from Bell Acres to address and find solutions to the noise/garbage/safety issues. RSTBC fully supports the Sect 57 application for the Kids Riding Loop. It may take longer to achieve this project due to a reduction in resources and the Bell Acres concerns. There was discussion on the need for proof of noise levels (ACTION: perhaps DSBC can get some readings from a DB meter on a quiet day, a normal day and a loud busy day: both sides of the river). Hard evidence is needed at both proof and to give goalposts to evaluate/monitor the project success or failure. Laure Throness did take the noise issue to the House and it was turned down. Some signage is still needed, some has gone missing.
    ACTION: Marina suggested the group to provide a list of mitigation techniques that can be used to solve the issues.
    ACTION: Tom Timmerman offered to get Marina Sect 57 information on the Kids Loop Project and the Logging Road issue. Agreed that the Noise issues from the Kids Area Loop and the noise issues at the Liumchen FSR across from Bell Acres should be treated a two separate issues as there is no connection to the Kids Area trails (2 kms away from Bell Acres) and adults riding on a FSR.. It is recognized that the stakeholder group is trying really hard and there should also be some cooperation and participation on the part of the residents. If we can offer some solutions and the Sect 57 goes through a Project Manager may need to be hired.

    - Campsite and Staging area fees were discussed. A meeting was planned with the Regional Manager and invitees but timing has not allowed it to happen yet. The fee implementation may not happen this year. We discussed how to make the new Tamahi Staging area feasible for the Host to operate.

    5. BCTS Stakeholder Project - discussed above.

    6. TRAFX Counters - Sunshine Valley asking for an infrared counter. Laurie Throness has requested one to be placed at Sunshine Valley to monitor usage.

    7. Stave West Master Plan - was presented to Council of Mission April 16th and accepted. Next steps?

    8. Nahatlatch and Harrison Fire Lookout Updates - waiting for the snow to leave Nahatlatch area. Harrison trail clearing is complete, metal for the roof and painting supplies is available. Need plans for completion.

    9. Section 57 Applications - reminder that gov’t cannot provide funding to non-established sites/trails.

    1. Mt Cheam - still in referrals.
    2. Spencer’s Ridge - FVMBA project. FN consultations with PRRO in process. Waiting for snow to recede.
    Looking like it will be a hand-built project not machine done.
    3. Tamahi Kids Loop - referrals with PRRO and CHOA (Cultural Heritage Overview Assessment).
    Roadblock is mostly to do with the Bell Acre residents concerns.

    10. Section 56 Applications

    1. Vedder Mountain - still waiting to have the partnership agreement signed. VMTA would like to meet
    with Marina and maybe Tennessee to discuss pros and cons of signing as an umbrella group or as
    individual groups.
    ACTION: Ernie to supply Marina with some of the questions that need answers.

    2. Bowen Island and BCIT Woodlot - Tennesse still working on those. Close to complete.

    11. NTC Updates - Chwk RST requested $139,000.00 worth of funding but only $35,000.00 was approved.
    - Federation of Mtn Clubs $10,000.00 for Chwk Valley trails: minor works. No start dates given. Sam W
    needs to contact Marina on this.
    - Cascade Off Road Motorcycle Club $20,000.00 for Vedder Mtn staging area project. Could cover the
    cost of the AOA? Still waiting for the Partnership Agreement to be signed first. Concern that because
    RSTBC could only supply $20,000 then NTC may cut back their contribution?
    - Hope Mtn Center for Outdoor Learning - $5000.00

    12. District Harvesting Plans - Hale Creek roadwork, John Gow is connecting with Kim Reeves.

    13. Trail Maintenance Status Reporting - Leon LeBrun provided his semi annual report on what TBC has
    done. Discussion revolved around if there were other groups that wished to do the same. Marina suggested
    that these reports are useful to RSTBC. Consensus that it will be left open to groups to do this or not. Rose
    can attach reports to the minutes if received.

    14. Change in Meeting times - there will be no meeting in May. Next meeting is June 22, 2015.
    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC