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Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting June, 2015

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  • Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting June, 2015

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    Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting June 22nd , 2015Ministry of Forests Building, Airport Road, Chilliwack
    Attendance list: Marina Dunn (RSTBC), Tom Blackbird (RSTBC), Rose Schroeder (Horse Council BC), Brian Romak (CSC), Peter Friesen (DSBC), Leon LeBrun (TBC), Jack Bryceland (FMCBC), Mike Reilly (RNATV), Mike Overhoff (DSBC), Cal Kaytor (SWATT), Martina Lang (BCHPA), Larri Woodrow (BCWF), Elmer Niezen (Chwk Snowmobile),
    David Lock (CORMA/BCORMA), Brian Romak (Chwk Snowmobile)

    1. Welcome and Introduction of Guests: no speakers or guests.

    2. Additional Agenda Topics: Marina distributed 3 documents
    - Open Fire Regulations poster ( twitter@BCGovFireInfo
    - Campfire Prohibition Q&A
    - Report of Natural Resource Violation form (this information can be found at

    3. Chilliwack District News - Marina introduced Tom Blackbird, the new District Recreation Officer for the Chilliwack
    Forest District (replacing Mike Peters). Other news:
    - no extension for an auxiliary position at the office. Because of the huge workload, other staff has been assigned
    certain tasks to help projects progress.
    - Camping season began early this year due to good weather
    - a Fire ban could possibly happen this week. Check information links provided above. Note that anyone in
    contravention of an open burning prohibition may be issued a ticket for $345.00, required to pay an administrative
    Penalty of $10,000.00 or, if convicted in court, fined up to $100,000.00 and /or sentenced to one year in jail. If the
    contravention causes or contributes to a wildfire, the person responsible may be ordered to pay all firefighting and
    associated costs.

    4. District Budget - reiterate capital projects:
    - Vedder Mountain: $20,000.00, Section 57 authorization pending a signed Volunteer Partnership Agreement with
    VMTA (Vedder Mountain Trails Association). This is having an effect on the NTC (National Trails Coalition) funding
    that CORMA was approved for. A list of concerns was sent to RSTBC for answers. RSTBC recommends that VMTA
    work through as many internally as possible then RSTBC will help with roadblocks by meeting with VMTA
    - Long Island Bay: Harrison docks. Now $80,000.00, Many issues like aging infrastructure, safety, high use.
    Tennessee Trent is the lead. An Engineering Consultant has been hired to do a field assessment of the site to
    comply with AIA and Water Act.
    - Blue Mountain: potential purchase of the road Right of Way. On Hold, looks promising but not finalized while it is
    under review by the Operations Manager and the Engineering Group. Loking at the benefits of backcountry
    crown land access and resource access here.

    5. Tamahi Staging Area Update - some background:
    - February 2015, MLA Throness introduced a petition in the House noting the impact of motorized recreation in the
    Tamahi area on the life style of the local residents. He then called for a positive way to find lasting solutions to the
    issues. The issues are noise, excessive speed on the FSR, public safety on the FSR, drinking, increase in motorized
    use of the area, improved access to the trails, garbage, environmental damage by mud bogging, riding etiquette,
    illegal use of fire arms
    - May 28, 2015 the Coast Regional Manager met on numerous occasions with local residents, the Fraser Valley
    Regional District Director and local motorized recreation groups. There was strong interest between groups to meet
    again and find balanced solutions.
    - June 8, 2015 Robert van der Zalm (RSTBC), John Hawkings (RSTBC), Minister Steve Thomson, MLA Laurie
    Throness, Randall Dayton (MFLNRO) and some local Bell Acres residents, met. Possible next meeting in July.

    6. BCTS Stakeholder Project - Andrew Boxwell was leading the project to collect data on areas of interest to user groups.
    His term is finished and the project was considered a success and nearly complete. It is not public information but will
    be used to identify where referrals are helpful. For any updates or to get a list of stakeholder groups that have
    submitted information contact Enriquez Sanchez (Planning Forester for BC Timber Sales)

    7. TRAFX Counters - Jacquie was leading this. Her term is finished. Please submit any data to Marina

    8. Section 57 Applications
    - Spencer’s Ridge: world class Mtn Bike trail is under review and referral. Still some FN requirements to address.
    - Tamahi Kids Loop: on hold until the Bell Acres Issues are resolved.
    - Mt. Cheam: Chilliwack Snowmobile Club grooming. Has been approved by RSTBC and Engineering. Signing
    needed so funding window is not lost.

    9. Section 56 Applications
    - Chilliwack River Valley Hiking Trails: Robert van der Zalm is the lead, working on a signed partnership with the
    Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD). FVRD would manage the trails but RSTBC would still oversee. This is a
    short term agreement to help with funding requirements. It is the same Partnership Agreement that recreation
    stakeholders would use, the only thing that can change are the schedules. Concerns were raised at this meeting:
    • Recreation groups now have to deal with 2 gov’t organizations on use, maintenance, funding.
    • Stakeholders don’t know what RSTBC and FVRD are signing so how will that affect projects?
    • TCT (Trans Canada Trail) has been working for years on having the trail authorized. There should be a file on the work already accomplished? This trail is not on the list for a S56 but should be.

    ACTION - Marina offered to send out the Partnership Agreement template to CRAG directors

    - East Sector Lands in Harrison: Robert van der Zalm also leading this one. Partnering with FVRD and Sts’ailes FN.
    - Bowen Island: Tennessee Trent working on this one. Partnership Agreement has been signed by the Rotary Club.
    - BCIT Woodlot: mtn bike trails. Still in the works. ETF (Experience the Fraser) also working in the background here.

    10. NTC Updates: working on contracts to provide funding to successful NTC applicants
    - Chilliwack River Valley Hiking Trails
    - Hope Mountain Center for Outdoor Learning
    - Vedder Mountain Trails Association

    11. Chilliwack Valley News: asbestos was dumped at Chipmunk Caves. Hazmat Team had to remove and blocks had to
    be replaced to restrict access.

    NRO (Natural Resource Officer) Reporting - jobs are undergoing changes. They will not accept direct phone calls. If
    you wish to report a violation please provide as much detailed info as possible by calling 1-844-676-8477 (NRO-TIPS)
    or preferably going to the website: Report all poachers though the RAPP line
    and all other criminal offences to the RCMP 911

    12. Trail Conditions: MFLNRO is replacing 3 structures on the Lost Creek Forest Service Road. It will be closed from
    September 9 - September 16, 2015. Go to the DCK Engineering section of the MFLNRO website for updates.

    Discussion: on gates on FSR’s. This was discussed at the Jan 2015 meeting. See excerpt copied below.

    FSR, Gates, Decommissioning and Closures
    - as far as we know there is no gate inventory at the moment
    - CRAG members would rather Engineering keep an updated website consistently
    - question: should Jacquie send out an email notice to the whole CRAG contact list each time she is notified the
    website has been updated? Consensus was not to have Jacquie send out an email notification.
    Here is the link to the list that is currently available:
    * The disclaimer is that it is not up-to-date. Directions to site are attached as it is not obvious how to navigate to there.

    13. Next Meeting : Monday September 21st, 2015

    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC