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    After spending 8 years at the helm of a registered charity and functioning at the executive and board level I am very sympathetic to those involved with any type of movement.

    Please take my comments with this in mind. I would only add my organization had charitable status as well as a mission statement with goals and objectives that could be articulated in one sentence.

    When I had to sit meetings and consultations with stake holders it was easy to "state your business and objective" as there was a business plan with said mission statement included.

    As a life long rider, road user, FSR user and commercial user of Resource Roads I have seen no "white paper" or mission statement for any OHV user group.

    I could be wrong as I am not up on these things at the moment.


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      I've got more extensive notes from todays call, but here' the gist of it:

      - in addition to the ministry and developers, there were a number of motorized rec. user groups present; ATV, SWAT, 4WD, etc...
      - Project will cover a very large area: 6000 hectares. This isnt just going to be a rec. area, its an entire new community !
      - Harrison West will become a "highway".
      - "With rights comes responsibility": Hemlock (developer) has ability to control access, (hopefully) they wont unreasonably restrict public access, need to ensure safe passage.
      - Lots of discussion re liability, mention of “Occupier Liability Act” (mentioned in clause in agreement)
      - Repeated concern about gates: (4WD) expressed need to maintain public access to public land.
      - Repeated concern about (work put into) existing staging areas; dont want to lose many volunteer hours, discourage volunteers.
      - discussion re potential noise issues, Bell Acres situation was raised.

      Action items:
      - User groups to supply maps, identify trails to be retained. So if you've got any maps of trails in this area (we want to preserve), please come forth, as they'll be added to the overlay, which will hopefully provide guidance to the developer with the intent to retain as many as possible. For those that cant be retained, there is a possibility of replacing them (build new trails elsewhere).

      In summary: If we're not at the table, we wont have our voices heard. Its clear that the other motorized groups clearly understand this (whom we should partner with), and we're shooting ourselves in the foot if we choose to not participate.



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        Thanks for stepping up Marc! I'm very interested in this. Even though I don't ride very often outside my back yard, I still like the option to go somewhere different once in a while.


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          September 2016 Hemlock Update

          Just to keep everyone in the loop.

          I received this email from Tori Meeks | A/Sr. Manager, Major Projects | Mountain Resorts BranchMinistry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operation

          Offworlder has been involved and hopefully a couple of others.

          __________________________________________________ ________________________

          Hello everyone,

          I hope you have all had a terrific summer! I just wanted to follow up on the note below and request for specific information from the various user groups for areas of interest within the Hemlock Resort Controlled Recreation Area.

          I have not had any responses to the last email and I do feel that it is necessary for us to get a better picture of current use and pertinent information (ie. Important staging areas, necessary connector trails, etc..) prior to our next meeting. My hope is that we can take the information that you provide to us and pull together some composite mapping, perhaps a base map and several mylar overlays, for discussion and planning at our next meeting.

          Please supply me with your mapping and context information ASAP.

          I am proposing that we have our next meeting the week of September 26th, with my preferences being the 26th or 27th from 10am-12pm. The meeting location in Chilliwack seemed to work well for most and I am open to other suggestions as well. Recognising that there are people that are not able to attend, I will ensure that any mapping is circulated ahead of time and that there is a conference call option for joining in on the meeting.

          Please advise as to your availability for the proposed meeting and whether or not you have further suggestions.

          In addition, we still do not have a representative from the snowmobile users in the area. If you have information or a contact that would be appropriate for representation of the snowmobile users please pass that contact information onto me.


          Subject: Follow Up: Hemlock Public Rec Working Group - June 30th Minutes

          Good afternoon,

          I would like to extend my thanks to those of you that were able to attend our first Public Recreation Working Group meeting on June 30th in Chilliwack. Please find attached the minutes from that meeting for reference and review. If changes/updates are required please don’t hesitate to send those to me for update into the minutes. We determined at the meeting that there were some user groups not in attendance, and we may have some gaps in our contact list specifically with regard to Snowmobiling. It was also discussed that it would be very helpful to develop a composite map for the various recreational uses within the resort Controlled Recreation Area to enable us to further our conversation.


          1. If known, please provide contact info for snowmobile user group in the Hemlock/Harrison Lake Area
          2. Provide mapping of current use and pertinent information (ie. Important staging areas, necessary connector trails, etc..) to Tori for compilation by August 26th

          I have attached two 11x17 maps (one zoomed out to show the connection from Morris Valley Road up to the Sts’ailes Forest Service Road and one zoomed in a bit to focus more on the area of Hemlock Resort) showing the Hemlock Controlled Recreation Area, proposed resort development pods, Rec Permit Areas, FSR & Permitted Roads as well as what we know of for ATV/Snowmobile trails.

          I have also loaded the second map with orthophoto background onto our ftp site for your reference as it is 9MB in size, but can be downloaded from there for viewing/printing –

          If you could supply us with a markup version of the map identifying any changes/modifications or if you are able to supply us with mapping that already exists (ie. SWATT trails) and spatial data in a digital form that would be extremely appreciated.

          Once again if it is useful for reference:
          · The Master Plan is available on our internet site at -
          · The Controlled Recreation Area for the resort can be viewed and/or shapefile downloaded using the geomark - gm-799E27EB6B7E4E898954E63BC109A18B

          Thank you for your continued participation and I look forward to hearing from you and once we have been able to put together some better mapping with the information you provide, I will get in touch and we can work on setting up another meeting in September.

          Tori Meeks | A/Sr. Manager, Major Projects | Mountain Resorts Branch
          Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
          510 - 175 2nd Ave, Kamloops, BC V2C 5W1
          Phone: 250-371-3943 | Cell: 250-320-2791 | Fax: 250-371-3942
          Below I will also add the attachments

          As promised the attachments, they are in Google Drive but open to the public. All PDF files

          June 2016 Minutes

          Hemlock Map 1

          Hemlock Map 2

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          Tom Timmerman
          Past President DSBC


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            Latest update re Hemlock development:

            "Good morning,

            Thanks to those of you that have provided some mapping of existing use within the Hemlock Controlled Recreation Area. We are currently compiling the information that has been received thus far and our GIS technician is going to create a base map with several mylar overlays for the various recreational uses, permitted roads and phased resort development to enable our conversation and work on a Public Recreation Management Plan.

            Given that it will take some time to put together the mapping and some information is still forthcoming, I am going to have to push back our next meeting and I am now proposing Monday October 17 or Tuesday October 18th from 10am -12pm. Please advise if you will be available and if you have a preference of date/time. I have heard from two individuals that an evening meeting would be preferred to accommodate work schedules, if there are others that also would prefer an evening meeting please advise so that we can accommodate the most people. Once we have heard back from the majority I will finalize date/time/location and send out an invite.

            Thanks for your patience and assistance."

            Can anyone from DSBC attend this meeting ?


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              Where will the meeting be held?


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                Originally posted by r_jackson View Post
                Where will the meeting be held?
                Last meeting was in Chilliwack area, probable that this one will be as well


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                  Here's the latest update from the ministry. Anyone able to attend ?

                  Hi all,

                  Thanks to those of you who responded regarding your preferred date and time for the next public rec working group meeting. Unfortunately, our GIS technician has been overwhelmed with other priorities and has not had an opportunity to prepare the base maps and overlays that are needed to further the discussion regarding public recreation within the Hemlock Controlled Recreation Area. Since she is out of the office all of this week, the maps will not be ready prior to the proposed meeting dates of October 17 or 18.

                  We understand that many of you have other commitments and may need to make alternative arrangements in order to attend this meeting, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. However, in order to keep moving forward with the preparation of a Public Recreation Management Plan, I would like to propose a new date for the meeting on Thursday, October 27 at 10:00 am.
                  Please advise if you will absolutely not be able to attend, as we would like to accommodate as many people as possible. The location will be confirmed once we’ve determined that this date and time work for the majority. A meeting invitation will be sent out shortly.

                  Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to seeing you all there.

                  Best regards,
                  Amber McAfee | Licensed Land Officer | Mountain Resorts Branch
                  Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
                  510 - 175 2nd Ave, Kamloops, BC V2C 5W1
                  Phone: 250-371-3930 | Cell: 250-819-3514 | Fax: 250-371-3942


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                    Keep us informed of confirmed meeting time/place. I will go and represent if nobody more.... senior/ in the loop can. Download any specific issues.
                    What do you know for sure?


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                      The Hemlock Public Recreation Working Group Meeting will be held next Thursday, October 27, in the boardroom at the Fraser Valley Regional District office, located at 45950 Cheam Ave in Chilliwack. You can view the location in Google maps by following this link: A big thank you to Margaret-Ann Thornton for offering the use of this space!
                      Unfortunately the video capabilities are limited so we’re unable to provide a live meeting option for those who cannot attend in person. However, we will be sure to distribute the minutes following the meeting and welcome any additional comments that may arise following review.

                      We’re looking forward to having a productive meeting on Thursday, and to seeing those of you who are able to make it.
                      Rustic and/or others - if you're able to attend, represent our interests, and take notes, that would be most helpful.


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                        Minutes from Oct 27th meeting. Were any DSBC members in attendance ?

                        Good afternoon,
                        Thanks again to those of you who were able to attend the Public Recreation Working Group meeting on October 27th in Chilliwack. It was a very productive session and we were extremely happy with the number of people that came out! There are a couple of people who were at the meeting that I dont have an email address for, so please pass this along if you think anyone has been missed.

                        Ive attached the minutes from the meeting for review. If Ive missed anything or if anyone requires clarification, please dont hesitate to get in touch with me and I can make the required revisions. There were a number of action items that were identified during the discussion, which I have summarized below. Ive provided some comments (shown in red text) with respect to the actions that are the responsibility of the Mountain Resorts Branch.

                        - Look into locations of fish bearing streams within the CRA. in progress; we will provide follow up when this information has been compiled
                        - Identify the locations and implications of growth and yield plots within the CRA. the presence of these plots has been confirmed; we will provide a follow up email with a map showing their locations
                        - Provide Tom Blackbird with a copy of Tom Coles proposal, showing road locations relative to future resort development. sent via email on November 1
                        - Provide follow up on the expectations and regulations for hunting within the CRA. we have looked into this and I will provide more information in a separate email

                        - Provide the precise location of Francis/Weaver Traverse, DAX Trail, bridges and other important features to retain for ATV use.
                        - Put further ATV trail development on hold until the lines of communication between SWATT and Stsailes can be verified.

                        - Brian Murphy work with the Hemlock hiking group to provide more info to the Mountain Resorts Branch regarding the locations of hiking trails.
                        - Willie Charlie Verify that internal Stsailes communication is taking place concerning the exchange of information between Stsailes and SWATT regarding trail development.
                        - Kelly Lacroix mark up the hard copy map with existing and possible future snowmobile trails, and provide to the Mountain Resorts Branch.

                        If possible, we would like to ask that all of the action items be completed/addressed by December 22. We are also requesting that public recreation groups who have not yet provided mapping or user information to us (e.g. dual sport and 4x4 groups), to please provide that data by the December 22 deadline. Once we have received the additional mapping information we will work with Hemlock Resort to review and determine if further detail and/or discussion is required, and begin to pull together an initial draft of the Public Recreation Management Plan. We will keep you all informed with respect to our progress and will provide the initial draft for review and comment when it is complete. Well also schedule another group meeting at that time.

                        For reference, if required, the Hemlock Master Plan is available on our internet site:

                        Thank you everyone!
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