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West Harrison to Pemberton fuel stops

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  • West Harrison to Pemberton fuel stops

    I'm sure this is on the website somewhere, but hoping to get some current reliable information. A guy from the spring newbie ride told me there is a place to get fuel north of Harrison Lake on the way to Pemberton. I only have 7L of fuel for the wrr so I don't think I can make it the whole way without figuring out a cheap way to carry extra fuel. $600 for a tank isn't in the budget yet.
    Any info much appreciated.

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    I rode it last summer and didn't see any place to get fuel between Pemberton and Harrison Mills (Sasquatch Inn area).


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      Not much help for you....but 7 litres would ruin every ride I embark on.....making a larger tank necessary kit.


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        There's fuel at Mt. Currie, just north of the junction, but that's not very far from Pemberton. Don't recall anywhere else.


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          Last Saturday west side of Harrison Lake road was not passable because of a washed out bridge @ the 55 km mark (near the north end of lake).


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            thanks for the info. Yes the IMS 4.7 l tank is on the top of the priority list. heard about the washout as well.