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  • DRZ400s HELP!!!

    OK, it's not often I ask for help in any aspect of my life, but here I am! I love riding. I love this bike, and I love the dualsport community. So here it goes. I believe I have blown the gearbox on my 2004 DRZ 400s. 10200 Miles, many upgrades and repairs over the years. I'm looking for a new mechanic and advice on how much I can do myself. Yes, I know just enough to be dangerous and have time and tools to do more damage. I fully intend to be at Loose Screw as planned, I'm just hoping it will be on my trusted steed, not a rental!

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    I think Thumpertalk, DRZ400 forum, would be your best source of diagnostic advice. Then you can make decisions about what the issue actually is and proceed from there. The DRZ has a robust trans, it would be very unusual for the trans to fail at such low mileage.


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      What are the symptoms?


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        It was acting like I had busted teeth off the front sprocket. Creating chain whip like the chain was slack. I checked the chain tension and ran it again... worse. It's most pronounced in 3rd gear. No damage to the sprockets front or rear.
        No slop where the output shaft comes out of the transmission, no freeplay in my rear bearing.
        When I was on the highway, it only made noise with the clutch engaged. As far as we can tell the noise is NOT coming from the clutch housing.


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          Have you changed the oil. See what comes out not an expert by any means, could indicate abmormal wear.