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Tamihi needs help asap

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  • Tamihi needs help asap

    Most of you already know Tamihi has been under pressure regarding the use of the main FSR out of the Staging Area. Many people have been working countless hours (Years) in the background to develop a plan to alleviate some of the issues facing ORV use in the area.
    The GOOD NEWS is, Rec Sites and Trails (division of MoFLNRO) has started to put a plan into place. They are going to install two 50" wide bridges in place behind the Staging Area which will allow ORVs (under 50" wide, sorry SxSs and 4x4s) to access the trails without use of the main FSR.

    The BAD NEWS, we as ORVers have to do our part, These bridges will not have any decking, that where we come in. If we want this to work we must provide Pressure Treated wood decking and install this decking. I know that we have a solid group of volunteers that will do the job. However we must provide the materials and tools to install the decking.

    Does anyone out there have a way that we can get this Pressure Treated Wood on a deal (donated is always best)? We estimate we will need about 1500 Dollars worth of materials

    Materials we are looking for donation or discount....
    -2x6 Pressure Treated 8' @ 112 pics. (Or 90 @ 10' or 75 @ 12')
    - Self taping screws with large washer style head 3" ~ has to go through 2x6 and 3mm of aluminum.~400pcs

    Of course we will need lots of volunteers for back breaking manual labour

    Drawing of Bridge

    Finally we are on a tight schedule as the bridges are showing up this week and the Ministry is looking to place them asap

    If you have any questions please post

    Many Thanks In Advance
    The Tamihi Team

    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC

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    I'll have an answer on the lumber by EOD Wednesday. Will need someone to p/u during yard hours @ 264th / Hwy 1.
    What are the ATV groups bringing to the table?
    -- You're not done until the gorilla says you're done. --


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      That's awesome? Who is connection and who is provider?
      I will pick up with my f350 and gooseneck flatdeck

      What do you know for sure?


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        Do we have Decking?


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          Originally posted by sylvain View Post
          Do we have Decking?
          Yes and no, we have two options and waiting to here on a third. Fasteners already donated.

          Checking with MOFLNRO on install date
          What do you know for sure?