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Condition of West Harrison

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  • Condition of West Harrison

    Hi chaps,
    I can’t seem to find any recent activity on the condition of West Harrison (and i’m Not on Facebook). I assume the trail at the bridge washout has opened up more since punching through last year but would like confirmation if possible as I am planning to come through there from D’Arcy next week.


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    Looks like nobody's responded to here yep the bridge is open the road north of the bridge is rough in places better than many years that I've seen it though excavator came down from the North End to do the bridge work and tidied up places along the way but there's lots of loose baby heads on some of the steeper descendants and climbs north of the bridge.

    Doable on a loaded bigger ADV bike but use caution a less experienced Rider on a KLR went off A Hill and had to crawl back up he was solo picked up by a family going through in a truck.
    What do you know for sure?


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      Thanks Rustic. I appreciate the update.


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        Yup, Rustic is bang on, I was thru there yesterday. They were cleaning up the bridge replacement, the dozer operator let us pass. The bypass would have been easy on 650cc bikes if necessary. Super Hi way to loose and rocky, little bit of everything.


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          Went up the West Harrison yesterday, October 2. Road condition is pretty good up to the run of river power project which is at about km 52. The new bridge is all in and excellent. Road condition worsens a bit but my Vstrom 650 made it okay. The hill that is a couple of kilometres past the bridge is a bit tough. Very rough with some baby head sized boulders on it. Big embedded boulder is still 3/4 the way up the hill and of course I hit it and stalled out. Bike started digging a hole when I tried to take off again so just walked beside it while I powered it up to a better grade for riding again. Backside of the hill is also bouldery but less steep so no problem. Rest of the ride was uneventful and went good. Gas station / convenience store at the north end of the lake in Tipella has friendly staff if you need refreshment or fuel.