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Squamish Ride Monday Oct 9

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  • Squamish Ride Monday Oct 9

    I'm heading up Squamish way on Monday. I'm thinking of exploring around the Aslu mine site but am open to other ideas, as well as the usual routes.

    Meet at 7 at the church.

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    Was there last week, and the place is a mess full of garbage etc.
    If I may suggest the other side of the river from the mine, across a decommisioned bridge and a rock slide, easy enough to get through and much nicer.
    Better yet hang right about 2-300m past the first bridge (across Squamish river) and follow the trail up the mountain. Really enjoyable run for quite a few km, challenging enough to keep the heart rate up, but not too gnarly.


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      Thanks MtB, I haven't been up to the end of the road on that side of the Ashlu. I will definitely check out both.


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        Used to be able to get quite a way in, up to another rotted out bridge you had to push your bike across and carry on for a bit after that. Did not go that far this time, but the other trail I mentioned, just over the Squamish river was really worth it.


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          Thanks for the beta MtB,
          I didn't make it all the way up the first trail. I ran out of jam trying to get Big Barta thru the last rocky section. I looped around on the lower section and think I know where it comes out. If I return with a bit more skill and fitness it will make a really nice loop. I saw a bunch more to explore up there as well.