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2018 Wigwam / Mamquam / Indian River info

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  • 2018 Wigwam / Mamquam / Indian River info

    Hi Guys,

    I am a relatively new DSBC (2 years riding) and today, Monday May 7th, I was blessed to get my CRF250L up to Squamish. My intention was to recon the FSR route to Indian Arm. I found that about 9 km in there was (for me) a difficult hill climb completely strewn with many large boulders and rocks. I don't see any reports on Indian River FSR since 2016. In 2015 there are some posts here on DSBC stating it was a easy graded route and big bike friendly.

    I am trying to figure out if the conditions have changed much or if people are indeed getting big bikes up that bouldery hill (that is probably about 1 km before the bridge that was pulled). I guess that pulled bridge is the 2nd question if in 2017 and 2018 if bikes are still able to get around?

    This is near the point I turned around. It appears there may have been a debris fall in earlier years (or centuries??) that produced all the rocks on the hill. Anyway, Just trying to figure out if big bikes go up that and if I was being a weenee about it. Maybe it was because I was by myself. Thanks, this will help me judge my skill levels as when I started struggling on that bouldery hill I couldn't imagine 800+ and bigger bikes getting through unless the riders were exceptional.

    I am also looking for other fun DS locations to explore near squamish.

    Thanks for your help.
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    rocky hill

    looks like my upload screen shot was shrunk to thumbnail....not sure what that is about.


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      I have been riding the Indian arm for only a few years now,but for what it's worth I have always found that section a little rough if we're talking about the same spot. However I too was up there this weekend and found it to be in the worst shape I have ever seen it. The rock field was like large grapefruit size rocks that were loose and sharp and a little steep. My technical skill isn't the greatest, but with with some sweat and perseverance I was able to make through on my WR250, but it wasn't easy. I certainly wouldn't want to try it on a big bike in the current state. So you know the snow line and a medium grade creek washout, stopping everyone (there was a quad, a jeep and dirt bike turning around), was only a couple kms past that point so you didn't miss much. I didn't see the pulled bridge....

      In my experience I think that rough patch should get better over the summer as trucks, bikes and quads knock it down. If you want to try it again, I would suggest coming back later in the summer after it smooths out a bit or heading up with someone. But may as well wait a few weeks anyway for the snow to clear up some more.

      Lots of other cool areas to explore in the area including Cat Lake/Brohm, Squamish Valley, Mamquam and Ring Creek and closer to Whistler Chance Creek and even Callaghan Lake


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        ok, great to know I'm not the only one that struggled there. I am pretty sure I could have got up the rock fall as I have done similar at stave east but I started worrying about blown tires, twisted knees, exhaustion, bears, yadda yada mental fears that Garmin Inreach can't help me with....things I supposed we should think about when riding alone.

        I am going to shortlist your other rides for the future.I find I am not enjoying riding slab that much. Maybe its because my bike is small, heavy and slow (CRF250L) not to mention buzzy one vibe and the other cars, traffic.... But the honda is gosh darn reliable so far. Does anyone know where to park a vehicle and trailer to unload a bike in Squamish where questions won't be asked and vehicles won't be vandalized?

        Lastly, I saw a backpacker dude hiking Indian FSR with a tan backpack, red bed rolls, and a black rifle that look like an automatic rifle. Based on google images it was probably an AR-15. Is that stuff legal in canada? Of course I didn't stop to talk to him and glad is body language was fairly relaxed. But the thought did occur to report it somewhere. Maybe thats just being a bad neighbour to others that want to experience their outdoors a different way than dual sporters...



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          You could park up Mamquam FSR at the junction where Indian Arm (River) FSR starts. Lots of trucks and trailers park there to unload dirt bikes and ATVs. If you want to park further north, there is a gravel spot on the north west corner of Hwy 99 and Squamish valley Rd (usually used by mountain bikers) or possibly at the Cat Lake rec site or plenty of areas up Squamish Valley Main FSR. I am not aware of any issues with vandalism, but you are always taking a risk. Pretty sure assault rifles are not permitted in Canada, but there are a lot of hunters in the area - saw a few quads with rifles on Sunday along Indian Arm and people skeet shooting by the ring creek fsr. And a group skeet shooting up Squamish Valley on Saturday.


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            Just so you know, Assault Rifles can fire in full auto, like a Machine Gun or in Semi-auto mode. They have a selector switch. You can also attach a 40mm Grenade Launcher to one in about a minute. No doubt the Guy had a Semi-Auto weapon, not one that can fire Full-Auto. Full-Auto, which fires like a Machine-Gun is not legal in Canada to walk around with. Semi-Auto, which is where you have to pull the trigger for each shot, is legal. Large mags like a 30 rd Mag, are not legal in Canada.

            Anyways. it used to be a really nice ride up Indian Arm, but I haven't ridden it in years. On a hot day, it's nice to take a side trip to Norton Lake for a Swim.
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              The rough patch is getting better, and there is still snow at the pass where it drops down into the valley towards Indian Arm ... 1-2 weeks (?) Still to be seen what's on the other side ...


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                Did anyone make it all the way this summer?


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                  Anybody know if the road from Squamish to the top on Indian Arm is open all the way?


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                    A buddy on his ATV said he did it a few months ago NP but i have not done it personally this year on my bike


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                      We've been through immediately after the pass cleared (3-4? months ago), it was rougher than it has been in the past with some pretty steep washouts ... I would guess many have been through since and it's become more blown out. Only one way to find out ...