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Perry River Road - Beware!

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  • Perry River Road - Beware!

    Yesterday I went to Seymour Arm for a swim. Slabbed it to Lumby, then up along the east side of Mabel Lake to Three Valley Gap. Slab to Craigellachie, then I decided to try the Perry River FSR up to Ratchford. Talking with the gas station attendants, they said the road is still washed out at 45km, but the 28km washout was fixed and quads had been making it through to Pettipiece Pass. I figured I'd give it a shot (I'm a decent off-road rider). So yes, the 28km washout has a nice new bridge, a further washout at 35ish km is passable in a Subaru. There's a washout at a creek around 42 or 45km that is a little challenging, but totally rideable. Might be tough to get a 4x4 through. Past that is a narrow spot where the road fell into Myott Creek. It's a bit bumpy and narrow, but no problem on a bike. Just before the 48km sign is the troublesome spot. The creek has taken a big chunk of the road out. There are steep (but manageable) approaches on either side, but the creek is deep and moving fairly fast still. I scouted for a good 20 minutes or so to find a reasonable spot and went upstream of the main quad crossing to a shallower spot. The stick test gauged it at about two feet, which is manageable on the berg with the intake up by the gas cap. Getting in the creek, it's closer to three feet deep by the time the wheels find the low spots, the rocks are VERY slippery and the current is fast, making it very difficult to get across. I had a slight tipover, but somehow didn't water out the bike. Traction was next to nothing, so it took about five minutes of pushing (and cursing and sweating) to get the bike 15 feet. All the while the water was lapping at the seat. I made it across and up the other side (had to move some rocks around to get through and was definitely using some of my trials skills to get through it). I pulled the air filter to check things out and found water in the airbox, which went into the crankcase breather. Dried things out and the water burned off in the oil and all was good.

    In summary, I would not recommend this road to anyone until the bridge is fixed. It is a definite adventure and may be doable, but be prepared for a watered out bike 40+ km in the bush, in prime bear country. I wouldn't attempt the creek on anything bigger than a street legal dirtbike (570), and really, unless you're on a Husaberg I can't see how you'd make it through without watering out. The creek bed is very rough and there's no way you can carry any sort of momentum through. Once the water level drops further it should be okay. On a side note, despite being glacier fed, the water temperature was surprisingly warm. Or maybe I was warm enough getting the bike through that I didn't notice.

    Seymour Arm is very nice, and the Gorge FSR is in great shape. Could drive a car on it no problem!

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    There's some more info here (map and photos):


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      That's a tough trip to just enjoy the waters of Seymour Arm! Especially given the time of year. I'm looking forward to doing the part north of Hwy 1 to Seymour and out to Momich later this year. I'm not sure we would be able to handle the deep water crossing, particularly at this time when the water should be rising(I would think)
      By any chance do you have a GPS of the route you took?