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  • KVR in the OK

    Headed up to the Okanagan next weekend, hoping to do some DS'ing in and around Princeton/Hedley/Keremeos/Osoyoos...
    How do I find out which sections of the KVR are NOT motorized?

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    As far as I know around Naramata and the trestle bridges in Kelowna are non motorized. Summerland visitor info might be a good place to check.


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      I've read that there are many sections in which local cycling groups have "declared" the trail to be for their exclusive use and have posted signage indicating no motorized use. They have no more right to do this than you or I to plant our family's heraldic emblem and declare the land our own. These signs are often quickly defaced or destroyed by other locals that "know the score" and don't tolerate the BS of these narrow-minded interest groups. I've talked to police in a couple areas along the trail and learned for the most part, the railbeds are crown land with no specific restrictions on motorized use. In fact, one officer owned a KLR and rode the KVR 30 km to work every day. The exceptions are Kelowna (that area is heavily populated/traveled and already lost to us forever) and apparently some sections that may be native land with dubious access rights.

      I've never ridden it but definitely want to before it's off-limits to us, as I suspect it will be soon.


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        In Kelowna there is a short bypass road above the trestle bridges and then I believe its clear sailing. Kelowna to Hope is also open to bikes atv's except where the kvr/tct enters urban areas. Naramata and Penticon as well as Princeton have non motorized sections other than that im not sure. This article might help